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Hi, folks -

This is my current plan for a tactical character.


I am aiming for effectiveness both in space and on the ground, and am aiming to have him fly cruisers and escorts.

I would like:

1. Any opinions on this build. I know Willpower is rather high (have my reasons, mostly for self-RP, he's supposed to be virtually mind control proof). I also am aware that I've got a somewhat tankish setup in some respects.

2. I would like insight as to how useful Power Insulators, Starship Sensors, and Inertial Dampeners actually are. I've been told they don't have all that much impact - is that true? Is it worth gutting myself to some extent to get a few points in each? I might be able to shed a few points in some of the lower-level skills, depending on how much I lose.

He's an Alien with Accurate, Elusive, Soldier and Peak Health traits.

3. Plus, secondary to the other two questions, I'd also like any opinions on, if I were to make a similar character, replacing Peak Health with Mental Discipline. It seems like a pretty bad "buy" (10% extra HP against all threats, versus 13.3% from +15 Psi Resistance against Psi threats, and +20 Confusion/Placate I can get via Willpower).

Thank you very much for any assistance.

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