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# 1 accolades
09-18-2013, 10:55 AM
in the romulan sector block you when you engage the enemy you don't receive an accolade for completing this a certain amount of times like the other sectors like 15, 35, and 70. you only receive 60 romulan credits for completing the patrol 100%. I miss the accolade.

in the same sector block- you fixed the red alert but in the combat you don't receive an accolade for completing a certain amount of time like the other red alerts. I miss this accolade.

I do like the accolade in this red alert where you kill all 3 of the head leaders.

as for the patrol, engaging the enemy since I have completed my reputation and have no more items I need from the romulan reputation. I wont be doing this patrol. less grinding for me.

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