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At the moment, if I am to do an Exploration of a Cluster (Arucanis Arm, Delta Volanis, B'Tran, etc.,) it appears to be 50/50 as to whether I get a Space or a Ground mission.

If I get a 'Space Mission' I immediately exit & keep trying until I get a Ground Mission. I ONLY do Ground, as I do not enjoy the Space Missions whatsoever. I never have.

Other than the occasional Mission I have been only playing Ground since launch.

I know there are some who ONLY play 'Space Missions' & will immediately exit if it is a Ground Mission & will keep trying until they get a 'Space Mission'. They don't enjoy Ground.

How hard would it be to have an Option to choose a Preference?

* Normal - What we currently have, a mix of Space & Ground.
* Space - The majority of Exploration Cluster mission will be primarily Space
* Ground - The Majority of Exploration Cluster Missions will be primarily Ground.

Just chucking this into the 'Suggestion Box'
Lt. Commander
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04-12-2012, 10:02 AM
Agreed. This should've been part of the exploration system before it hit beta test.
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04-12-2012, 04:27 PM
I'd love it. I always go out of my way to avoid the ground missions (idiot away team AI is just too frustrating).

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