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04-16-2012, 09:30 AM
It was a fine mission. I enjoyed playing it once. I dismissed the Doff because, frankly, I don't want him on my crew.
My thanks to the author.

I'm sorry that this mission's release has been overshadowed by all the other issues with the game, especially the bad feelings regarding the new gachapon-based business model.
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04-16-2012, 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by Saint_Luke
Any chance in our sto community we could find a wormhole to suck us back a few days to get another go at it :p

Didn't get a chance to do it with all my captains due to work commitments

Much appreciated.
Agreed. My ISP picked a great time to have issues and compound it by not getting it running right until Monday.
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04-25-2012, 02:11 AM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
In defense of the kind soul who spent their own personal time making this mission quite some time ago but was asked if they would hold of publishing it so we use it for a fun little Friday the 13th event - that person doesn't deserve the crap laid on them by this thread.

Since F2P launched we have seen one of the most intense 5 week Feature Episode series, a new fully produced KDF episode, a remade KDF Fleet Action, an updated FED/KDF Fleet Action, a Star Trek themed Holiday accompanied by a sale, entirely new worldwide missions on Defera, a fun little friday the 13th episode, and next week you are getting a level 51 shuttle 5 man mission.

On top of that Season 6 is under heavy development which will bring a new Defera like ground invasion, several new 5 man events, new 20 man Fleet events that take place at your starbase, along with starbase construction missions, the start of the PVP overhaul, new Foundry content and anything else like tonight's episode that someone on the team wants to spend their own after hours time making.

So while I can understand the frustration of the last year, since we launched F2P, it has been a lot more content and a lot more on the way.

I can appreciate skepticism, but the hate dumped on an employee who made something fun for everyone to do on Friday the 13th is a bit much.

p.s. lock boxes and rewards in them don't take "mission" resources - they take systems and costume resources (some of which can even be outsourced). Software and Content teams are doing nothing but making new game features and mission content every day = i.e. Season 6
The game is something very different since F2P and I applaud anyone in the Cryptic team who gives trolls a direct public talking too.

The most recent content is top quality, it shows great things to come and as a player who slammed Cryptic plenty over 2 years I can now say I am overjoyed. That also means I'm putting more money into the game in support of what I call a hobby.

One dislike are the boxes but everything else is getting better. So why is it most of the trolls I find in the forum have blue names. They put the game down harshly, even abuse staff at times yet they paid a big sum for the game. That is a confusing one, lack of loyalty I suspect.

I feel Star Trek Online is at a point where it does not need these kind of players. Cryptic should begin considering asking the occasional player to stop playing based on feelings they expressed for the good of the player not just the game. Players who do not sum things up, they just slander and and troll while never taking the bigger picture into consideration. They aren't here to feedback, they just damage.

Well done to Cryptic on the fact the games going where we want it. I beg the community to not engage with trolling instead give constructive feedback now that the game is on a whole new direction. It has to be giving a chance, no?
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# 164 Spread D.Stahl's Quote
04-25-2012, 03:17 AM
Just posted a quote from Stahl's participation in this thread on my fleets website regarding fleet bases. I also have some questions on that page...

If anyone could answer the questions on my post it would be very appreciated. I'm spreading the word about fleet bases, I surprised a lot of people in the game itself when I announced the quote. People are as excited as when the game was on beta.
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04-25-2012, 03:25 AM
Originally Posted by majesticmsfc
What annoys me the most, is the mission is only available for a couple of days then it's gone. It really annoys me like with limited rewards as if you miss it you can't get it again. If you're going to put the time, effort and money into developing the mission and rewards, then leave it up for the long-term, not do this limited run jokes of a mission. Cryptic you really need to get your act together, having limited run isn't going to make people play the game more, if they can't get on, then doing something like this isn't going to make them get on if they can't. Plus it just means no more full-time content and you might in the long-term loose players thinking of going gold.

I've already decided not to buy anymore c-points or go gold until the company pick it's act up. I'd rather go buy a gold account with a different mmo and stick to free for STO
The mission has been giving a purpose, to appear on Friday 13th. It's that simple, nothing to be debated or demanding from Cryptic.

They know best. They have added this content to return and keep our interest going which is a positive thing for the entire game.

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