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Hello folks.

Just a general thread seeing what other people do in terms of roster composition & management.

With what I do in part is due to being a Federation character and having a roster size of 225.


Generally speaking i'm looking to have 5 of each specialisation (I have 5 for most but not all specialisations). This is just an ad hoc figure kind of based on the idea that assignments can want 5 of the same job type (as an outright requirement / success trait).

Exception to this is Security Officers. Those guys are so versatle involved in anything from Diplomatic shindigs to Military squabbles. Thus at the moment I find having 10 of them, some sporting different traits to suit specific jobs, to be handy.


When via various means I get more doffs, like some of the other guides suggest, I generally upgrade:

Common > Uncommon > Rare > Very Rare

So if I get a stronger doff pushing that particular specialisation over 5 (or 10 in case of security officers), i'll generally punt the weakest one either via reassigning them or exchange if they have particular value.

If reassigning them, I tend towards the Vulcan officer. I just tend to feel that they give more favourable traits making the higher dilithium cost worth it.

I admit, I sometimes am reluctant to sell / reassign / dismiss ones that have served me well in the past and done sterling service. Unfortunately, decisions still need to be made for the well being of your roster.


Because I am eligible for Bajoran, Cardassian, Karemman & Paradan officer exchanges (after completing their respective chains) I tend to keep spare officers for them. Preferably with as many appropriate traits for the particular exchange. At the moment, those officers tend to be common but on occassion i'll use better quality ones for example if i'm looking to get rid of a commendation officer (via Lt Ferra from Starfleet Academy) as they are bound and thus, try to get more value from them than simply dismissing them. Unfortunately civilians from Lt Ferra aren't eligible for officer exchange so as far as I know, dismissing is the only option if not required anymore.

As i've completed 8 of the colonial chains, i'm getting refugees with some regularity and as they count towards your roster limit I find myself having to be careful with how many I carry. I tend to carry 1 of each type of species of refugee that I have. Exception is made if they have different traits which may be useful for an asylum job that might pop up. Excess ones I mail to myself. I may eventually start trying to sell them on exchange if their numbers continue to grow.

I occassionally hold onto duty officers with resolve a little longer than regular ones simply as the resolve trait itself can be a requirement for jobs so saving some from the exchange or reassignment can be useful. At least until you can replace them with better ones.


Something that'll alter my approach further is once i've saved up enough cpoints, i'll buy a further duty officer slot extension. That'll give me more flexibility with specialisation for particular jobs and what not.

I don't really tend to buy particular duty officers for their abilities in space or ground. Perhaps I should but I haven't given it a huge amount of thought thus far.

Thus far I don't think i've found a job which actually requires a transporter officer.

Over To You!

As I said at the start, i'm interested to hear how others go about things as well as any hints tips that I could take on board.

Have at it!

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