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On a whim, I decided to get a non type8 shuttle. Browsing through the various boxes, etc, I realized that I could buy a schematic for the Delta Flyer. Hey! I have maxed-out crafting and made an aegis set.... it's a really expensive schematic, but why not...

I'll tell you why not... there is no way at all to USE the schematic, which I discovered, after some googling after the fact, was removed when F2P went live. Why in the heck would they remove the crafting recipe, when they could (and did) just remove the source of the schematics without hurting their player base that may have already had the schematic?

Why allow a known WORTHLESS schematic to be posted to the exchange at all?

Fix the bug (add back the crafting recipe) or please refund my money and put up a blacklist of obsolete items that should not be saleable... this is basically condoning fraud on the part of the seller.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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04-14-2012, 02:49 PM
Huh, well I guess that definitively answers my curiosity about whether you can craft it if you buy one of those exchange schematics...

They really should put the crafting back in to clear the back inventory of schematics out once and for all. I doubt there are more than 50 left so it's not like they would lose a huge amount of money by letting 50 people do that.

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