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# 1 Thank you guys!
04-13-2012, 03:30 PM
The ability to re-publish a mission is something I hope they never take away. It allows us to continually improve our missions, so they only get better and better. I just re-published my one and only mission, which I spent three months designing and changing until I thought I had it perfect.

The feedback I got from this community is absolutely amazing, I have made almost 100 little tweaks that I would have never thought-of or noticed in a lifetime, I swear. ...and mostly found by you guys! Some of you give AWESOME feedback, things I never would have even thought about, and that is the difference between a good mission and a great mission!

I've been in a lot of communities that offer user content in one form or another, and only a few of them reach the level of comraderie that I see here. Most have a lot of haters and griefers, etc. Those of you who don't create things in other venues may not appreciate what you have here, It truly is amazing.

If any of you need a freindly critique, you need only ask me.

Thanks again guys!

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