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I have a problem

I can not edit the bridge of two ships (constitution and galaxy class)

if I can in my Escort ship

I switch on the ship editor. selected bridge (Bridges and galaxy Sovereign bridged) purchased in the c-store. also change the layout long.

payment change

pro to go into my ship, nothing changes, the bridge permanese standart and the layout is as small.

returning to the ship editor I get the changes whether they are custom-made pieces, but for some reason not reflected in my ship.

thanks for reading

ps: sorry for my bad English, I am speaking of spanish. BD


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04-16-2012, 06:56 PM

Firstly I think you are confusing Ship Interiors with the maps available in the foundry.

You can not edit bridge maps in the foundry and have them show on your ship. There is simply no way to do that.

Seconly. When you are in the Customize Ship dialog box to change your ship's appearance in game please make sure that you click 'purchase' and not 'save'. That way any changes you make in that dialog box are accomplished.
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04-16-2012, 09:15 PM
hi gracias por responder.

creo que no se me entendio... or maybe the question section in the wrong ( perdon mi ingles es pesimo)

a lo primero: no men, la customis la ago en alguna base estelar, en la seccion Shipyard con el oficial correspondiente,

a lo segundo: no men, i sure y ademas cheque de darle a la opcion purchase. si no fuera asi, XD no estaria perdiendo dinero cada ves que intento customisar los interiores.

por otro lado, el problema solo es con las naves tipo crusero.


Con las Tipo escort ships, los cambios si se ven reflejados.

una pregunta... este probelma puede deverse a la clase a la que pertense mi personaje?

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