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# 1 Large scale pvp
04-14-2012, 01:02 AM
I've thought since i started pvping on sto that it would be great on a larger scale. I think somewhere around 20v20 or 30v30 with a required number of each class of ship. i think it would be intense and would actual give pvp a much more lively feel. Would love to hear from the devs or other pvpers on this idea.
Lt. Commander
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# 2
04-14-2012, 03:30 AM
same here.

first thought that popped into mind was 'alterac valley in space' when i saw the awesome level of customization in this game. You dont so much play your class as Build it - it's very inspiring.. and at the same time equally heartbreaking to see the devs shuffle their feet with such a great core game.

Haven't heard much from them on the possibility in posts.. but they havent put it in the game yet either so :
- there's some limitation in the code for large engagements or they don't have large scale pvp on or high on the priority list.

Pretty much a bummer either way u slice it for the pvp crowd.
But we're getting use to it.
I should say i'm getting use to it.
the old timers know the score.

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