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04-15-2012, 05:13 AM
Load up one beam array in the front for targeting subsystems. Load up 2 copies of viral matrix, the rest of your weapons slots use for plasma torpedoes, stack torpedo recharge DoFFs. Use one tac team and then the rest for 2 copies of torpedo spread. Borg don't use haz emitters so you can stack Plasma DOT on them all day and continuously shut down their subsystems, and kill them while their shields are up. It is really a remarkable PvE build. Bonus is you don't need to spec into energy weapons and you can run your wep power at minimum and save that juice for aux or shields (or even engines!) Put all your points into torpedoes. You can actually get crit hits with plasma dot its funny
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04-15-2012, 08:37 AM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
You just said something that makes me so very happy. Nothing is more annoying than a person who uses an ability just because they can, and TBR seems to be very flavourful this month. I've seen tanks get wiped because the TBR pushed the Boss back and left them vulnerable. You already said you need to be careful and for that I salute you.

Example: If Donatra is trying to turn to face the tank she won't Torpedo Spam the group, TBR pushes her back and everybody but the tank and me die. I lived by a mere 1% hull because I saw it coming.
Even more fun is pushing donatra away while she chages her cone aoe
An seriously it questionable. This torpedo spread will not kill you even in escort, if you have full shield and hull and use something like EPtS or brace for impact. And higher distance gives you time to do it. Also it makes easier for tank to do it too.
Personally i prefer when she is hittind someone who is not trying to evade because if you go away from her firing arc she really like to cloak. Just stay away from tank and you will not be hit by those torpedoes. And for tank its convinient to push her back to have more time to react...

And TBR is almost always convinient for user (makes it easier to shoot and breakes those tractor beams) but annoying for others, as it usually pushes targets out of their firing distance or behind them...
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04-15-2012, 02:23 PM
Their seems to be alot of good sceince threads popping up these days, good stuff. This one like most of the other has some good advice it in.

Science comes down to one simple thing really.

Do you want to run 125W and 125S, or 125S and 125A, both ways of playing are more than adequate for anything this game has to offer in terms fo PvE content, (yes I know, you can't run 125 and 125 on any ship other than the Nebula).

With the turn rate of some of the science ships, (RSC/Intrepid, basically) it's very easy to keep your guns in the forward 90degree arc. This opens up some possabilities, if you are running the 125W setup, then their is a stong argument for 2xDBB and 1Torp + 3 Turrets, if you are running the 125A version, then 3Torps +3Turrets (note that this one drops the beam array, so you cant use SSTargetting).

If you want to run the 126W variant, then you are gonig to want to use abilities that eiter work independently from Aux or wherre Aux as little to no effect of them, GW is a good example, yes the linetic damage does down with lower aux, but your not really using the abilty for the damage, you are using it for the sname (GPG), VM is another good one, and can basically completly shut down a target for 11 seconds (if you trait for it, 8 seconds if you don't),

The only 2 ships that I would recomend the 125W setup in are either the Nebula or the RSV (because the RSV can equip 3 energy damage consoles),

Going off post here a little so I appologise.

In an instance like KA where you are on probe duty, then you are going to need some form of CC/Knockback, you frontal damage migh be good; but its not escort good, so you wont be able to solo through with brute force and ignormace. TBR is good and I know that it has been mentioned already in this post. Other options are PSW / GW.

Here is something to take in to account, don't spec into abilities that need SPG, SGG and FlwC, you just dont have enough console slots on your ship to make the damage worth it.

If you decide to use SPG (Starship Particle Generator), then it might very well be smart to run abilities like GW / TR / PSW / CPB / FBP(not really FPB, it just works on SPG as well), and run secondary abilities like Tractor Beam (that also works off of GPG, but does not require slotting consoles for SPG), This way you can run 99SGG, and 189SPG (+bonuses from deflector), and have the best of both worlds,

Or you could chose the drainish route, and slot FlwC on your ship, run 189 FlwC from skills (+deflector) and use, TachB/ES/TR/Tractor (doffed), and again skill up for SGG, so that it benefits the secondary effect for Tykens, Tractor and TachB (doffed),

Other options is the sensor build, and use JS / MES / VM / SS, this will work for some of the STFs, but SS wont work on the probes in KA as the probes have no weapons.

Wow, Im typing alot, I hope that you are getting the idea, but it's alittle hard to undestand when I am rambeling on the forums.


P.S If you run a 125S/125A build, then remember you will only have 3 Doffs that you can slot, as 2 of them really really really need to be PWD. Blue or better.
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04-15-2012, 02:38 PM
Currently running 1 Spread, 1 high yield, 1 FAW-2... thinking about changing to an attack pattern and dropping high yield. Hmm.
tried this today... reduces personal damage slightly mostly due to a lower grade FAW, but it's a HUGE force multiplier for STFs to use Attack Pattern Beta (no one else seems to) in conjunction with FAW1 to really rip hull resistance down to kill fast.

Two times I did it... Elite Infected... someone blows a generator really early. I pop fire at will + Attack Pattern Beta. We still manage to kill the transformer before the nanites arrive.

Donatra... dead really fast... only one vanish.

So, I recommend it pretty strongly. Recon + Beta can help give the DPS edge to a group that would otherwise be lacking (all cruisers, etc.)
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04-15-2012, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by Cygone View Post
Or you could chose the drainish route, and slot FlwC on your ship, run 189 FlwC from skills (+deflector) and use, TachB/ES/TR/Tractor (doffed), and again skill up for GPG, so that it benefits the secondary effect for Tykens, Tractor and TachB (doffed),
As far as I know, Tyken's has no gravitational factor. It's "hold" is just due to draining engine power. On the other hand, particle generators do increase the damage it generates.
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Other useful thing is use 2 tac teams on your tactical officers that will give you more damage for 10 seconds (each) and they will be useful to increse your survival on defense (since they have a recharge time of 15 seconds and they re-adjust the siheld) you can flight only on offensive mode. For this you need remove the rest of teams (science and eng) for another more useful powers. And the best of all with luna class you also will have fire to will

if you can buy some of "ten of ten" doff, maybe you find very interesting remove the quantum torp for photon (ten of ten have a 20% to reduce the torp recharge time five seconds, with photon you only will have 1)

On eng, if you have emergency to shield X2, your defensive odd will increase so much flying on offensive mode.

Set five beam and use the three tactical console for a damage increment at your energy beam type. Luna class is a curious semi-"tac"cruiser take advantage for it.

About equipment, I also recomend engine and deflector from omega (to gain the tetryon damage, even now that has ben reduced (snifff) and maco shield, it protect you a lot and it's secundary efect when you are under enemy fire all levels of energy will be raised. And a ressilient shield will be better for your hull.

Use Science Boff to repair your hull, and your eng officer to repair your shield (sound "rare" but, it the most useful thing).

Maybe you can quit the field generator (your ship have a 1.3 shield multiplier) and use that slot to set the point defense console (or another, you will see how you like more).

If you known any player with science captain that can teach gravity well 3, You will have that skill . Ah yeah dont forget repulsor beam... can save several STF elite missions.

A last tip, on "consumable" you can use engine and shield battery and if you can (now I don't remember if luna have three slots for it or auxiliary or weapons battery) why.... beacouse shield battery can save your live. And the engine battery using with evasive maneuvers have a colateral efect, you can use it has a less efective but more agile version of impulse capacitator console... with 0 cp cost). Of course, I known, auxiliary battery are necesary for science ships and weapon baterry always are useful... but if you need quit some of them, quit weapon (beacouse you can fly on offensive mode always or at least nearly).

Good luck, you will say your experience

Thanks to everybody for the fun, sorry for my bad english.

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