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07-14-2012, 07:03 PM
Hey guys, sorry for the posting delay.

For the shield heal macro, I use a Logitech G510 keyboard, so I can easily setup various macro keybinds and set a repeat "toggle". So I have the shield distribution set to repeat every 3 seconds so as to not clog the key buffer.

I also set up so one key triggers for HY3/2 and BO2/1, so whichever if off cool down will fire from one key.

Some folks sware by the Sensor Doff and it's -75 enemy damage debuff. So I still run the SCAN in my HY3/2 and BO2/1 macro build so the sensor scan is triggered alot.

Having run this build for awhile now, it's pretty strong if you don't dive too deeply into a Borg hive of spheres, probes and cubes. They will over run my ability to heal thru the damage. However, I can easily sit back a little and pick off targets, take out plasma torps and toss out heals to myself and allies within range.

I am now test driving 3x MK XII DBB ACCx2/CrtH to see if I get a little more crit action.

Currently my main focus is trying to figure out if I should switch back to Antiproton for the Borg bonus I have a number of weapons. I know I would lose the DPS boost to the auto cannon, but it is on such a long cooldown I might drop it and put something else in the slot.

One concern... do these ships have a lower defense level than others? My defense runs at 51% compared to 70% on other ships. I can up to 60% with the Aegis engine and another piece in the 2 piece bonus. Max engine gets me to 68.5%. Just wondering as it looks like defense is part of the Borta achilles heal.

Thanks for the responses.
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07-18-2012, 11:46 AM
How about,


it may give more turn and speed.
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07-18-2012, 08:34 PM
Aux power to Dampeners does only a fraction of the turning boost that evasive maneuvers offers. So, if you're not bound to use the Doffs for something else, EM seems a better way to go.

TT causing cool downs on ST and ET is a heavy penalty. ST and EpS1/2 almost always keep me from ever having to do a hull heal, and when I do, ET3 and ApS3 + EpA1 + Red Natter = a very tasty hull heal for me or a friend.

I agree there are many ways to roll the Borta or any other ship. I am currently playing an aggressive D'Kora build when I am not playing the Tac Borta.

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