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04-16-2012, 03:24 PM
The point of his thread is to vent your frustrations with the game, and post your own ideas on how to possibly make the game better, it is NOT for purely saying 'dis game sukxs', give feedback on whats wrong and what you think would fix it!

- My Response -

I don't know if I've been a part of this game long enough to have a respected opinion about the game, but I've been around for around 3 season updates and so far, this is my full list of grievances.

Plus, the only reason I had stayed this long due to the fact that I have a love affair with Star Trek and that is literally the only reason Ive held on the game for so long.

1. Wait, this isn't Star Trek!

As hard as the devs had tried, this game simply isn't Star Trek, the only similarities are the visual aspects such as ship designs and uniforms, and the occasional reference to the shows this game thinks it bases itself upon. There are no struggles with the prime directive, presently I can go anywhere I wish, nuke a few planets, then get off worry free because I know the mission NPC will give me my reward regardless of what I do.

Further more, instead of tactical high-stakes submarine style warfare, this game presents me with a more traditional "who has the better shields, and who has the more tailored bridge officer", which is fine in a sense, but completely ruins the entire feel of Star Trek.
In the shows, its painfully obvious that conflict was to be avoided at all costs, crew didn't magically revive themselves from plasma burns and space exposure, and every shot had a chance to kill a friend or maybe even your family on board, risks like that are unacceptable and a captain has to take that into consideration.

In this game, you take no such considerations, you go through a linear line of 'Klingon: stop it wtf ima kill u!11!' and then you waltz in and blast away half of the Klingon fleet without your shields even dropping to 50%, and then you warp right on back home wondering "That was easy, why don't just take on their home-world and get this over with, can't be that hard can it? I just magically reappear with all my bridge officers if I die!".

Instead of hiding behind asteroids, using proper evasive patterns, using all axises of space to outflank your enemy, you just sort of circle each other slowly pecking away until someone pops.

2. Balance causes unbalance, what?

The devs have tried hard to balance the game, but this leaves me in a sort of confused state. This game, as I have observed (before the C-store mega ships mind you) was all about balance, not one ship could really be called 'the best', and it served no real reason to pair a career with a ship, which is great in a sense, but is also fundamentally flawed.

This kind of thinking works wonderful when making an FPS, or maybe a single player RPG, but this doesn't exactly work wonderfully in an MMORPG atmosphere, all you really do is cloud everything up making tweaking and making the game fair a massive hassle, which is why you've had so many problems with balancing and why everyone is always ****ed off all the time.

On top of this, there really isn't a larger sense of progression, you can't get the 'best gear' because there isn't any, so you find what seems like your niche and then you find out it sucks because of yet another balancing patch, so you have to shift everything all over again and its just a massive jumbled hassle and mess that noone can help you with. In essence, you're given choice that doesn't really matter in the end, ever.

3. My crew is not just a number!

In Star Trek, there is always a massive sense of loyalty and love to one's ship and crew, in this game you've completely thrown that out. I know this is an RPG and I know that keeping the same ship the entire time would have been terrible, but somehow making your entire crew feel important and vital to your success, along with making each ship feel like more than just a collection of stats, would have greatly contributed to the success and feeling of the game.

Bridge officers also suffer this, despite being given names and a very important role, they're more like little stat cards you can change around to fit what you need, I feel nothing when I discard one and get another, despite this being largely opposite in the shows.

4. Death Sucks, especially if you go down with a whimper.

Death should be something that every captain FEARS, im not talking about EVE style death (where you lose everything), but massive and understandable repercussions for being destroyed should ensue upon, well, being destroyed. Just remember, the bigger the penalty of death the more epic and hard of a battle should be required to 'justify' those punishments without it seeming anti-climatic.

Of course, in PvP death shouldn't be a very large problem, since its just a simulation right? However, instead of constantly making Borg cubes in STFs do more damage with every patch, why don't you make it so death in an STF means that member is properly lost, and he/she cannot come back?

5. My ship doesn't exist until I walk around in it.

Half of the episodes of nearly every Star Trek show is within the ship itself, usually solving some sort of weird virus, alien invasion, ship malfunction, or otherwise, it isn't always flying around and killing Cardassians. You've tried to make the ship interior more important with the duty officer update (which you didn't, honestly doing those missions are pointless). Not only would you make it easier on your own dev team if you make a significantly larger amount of in-ship missions, it would feel and play more like Star Trek.

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