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This ship is meant to be able to get around Sector Space as quickly as possible.

For those you don't want to use the skillplanner link above the relevant details are:

Max Driver Coil skill.
Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines MK XII
Solanae Overcharged Warp Core Mk XII
Console - Universal - Transwarp Computer
Doff - Purple - Sonny Barry Asquith - (200% Transwarp cooldown bonus.)

Any advice on how to wring more speed out of this ship would be great, however I do need to put in the caveat of no fleet gear as my fleet is barely T2 and can't get any provisions yet.
If a Vesta build would work better please share it, however I would point out being able to Transwarp to almost any point in Sector Space within three minutes is pretty handy for this purpose.

On a unrelated note, I managed to get anywhere from 1st to 3rd repeatedly during the CCE event with this insane Rep gear only loadout on this ship. That surprised me, but probably stands to a testament of how great even the non fleet T5-Excelsior is.

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