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This was originally reported in January here: **edit --and here was an earlier post today I missed - sorry:

, but thought I'd start a new thread to resurrect the conversation. Filed a bug report: [System] [TicketCreated] Successfully submitted ticket ID #1,325,634.

The details:

I started the Duty Officer mission 'Instigate Defection' on 4/15/2012 @ 12:18:00 EDT. Last time I was in game, on 4/16/2012, the mission was still in progress, with about 15 hours to go.

I logged into game on 4/17/2012 at 7:35 PM EDT, and the mission is gone - it is not in my completed missions, it is not in my log (which it shouldn't be, because I had no chance to collect rewards) and their are no new DOffs from Instigate Defection in my duty officer.

This was such a long mission, with a long cooldown, and now I can't pick up another one and lost all that time in the assignment slot as well as the other rewards that go with the mission.

What I didn't mention in the bug ticket, and realized may be a connection after reading the previous thread, is that I had 2 Very Rare DOffs in sick bay at the time I started the mission. There were a couple of other posters in the original thread who mentioned having duty officers in sick bay, although I think they thought it was from the Instigate mission.

I am certain that I had 1 sick bay mission (with 2 Purple DOffs) running BEFORE I picked up the Instigate. I completely filled my mission slots before I logged off on 4/15/2012, so I had 21 missions running. When I logged in today, here is what my completed assignments said (sorry for the long list, but I thought it might have to do with number of missions running, completing, type, so figured more info is better to track it down)

Heretic - I would appreciate it if you would please read the bottom notes after the system messages - not only did the Instigate Defection get reported by system without showing in my completed list, I had one completed mission in the list that did not show up on the system report. 2nd edit - just remembered I had not turned this mission in when it completed, so it should not have been listed in the system messages after all. Which means Instigate just vanished. I can't remember which BOff I assigned, so can't say if it removed the DOffs. Definitely did not give me any.

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Provide Sanctuary to Anti-Dominion Cardassian Agent".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Support Eridan Belt Colonization Efforts".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Recalibrate Ship Targeting Systems".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Exchange Weather Control Systems for Energy Credits".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Asylum on Earth".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Review Colonial Applications for the Azlesa Expanse".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "General Recruitment".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Sick Bay".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Asylum on Tellar Prime".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Support Repair Operations for Local Starbase from Raid".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Facilitate Construction Operations for Deep Space Array".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Evaluate Human Engineering Bridge Officer Applicant".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Infiltrate the Orion Syndicate".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Investigate Illegal Gambling".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Instigate Defection".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Establish Long Distance Trade Routes".

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Evaluate Human Science Bridge Officer Applicant".

and 3 more missions still in progress:

Eval Human Tac BOff - about 30 minutes left when logged in
Fed Civil Corp Recruitment - about 14 hours left
Retrieve DNA sample from Romulan Senator about 15 hours left

The system LISTS 17 missions completed (including the Instigate Defection), but it is NOT in my completed missions list.

I DO have 17 completed missions in my completed missions.
One was not listed in the system messages, but was started and completed - edit, it was completed before logging out on 4/15:
"Rebalance Bussard Magnetic Field" w/Crit Success

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