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# 1 Fleet Action- The Vault
04-19-2012, 02:23 PM
Two failed runs w Blue long term Sto Tearns a few points of note here...

Our Flight mechanic for small craft in this sort of environ is not as good in Second Person
as Quality Flight Sim first person was over 10 years ago for Air Warrior II and AW3 Which I Beta'd and Alpha's.

The flight environ is claustrophobic for some unfamiliar with a massive 250+ Plane map or a
major Furball .. Guided or un guided Weapons had similar behaviours in foreign arcs or limited technology targeting assistance..

In a Basic Fighter Plane its you the aviator or less form the Pilot alone.. In a Crewed ship you had from
2-10 . .We lovingly referred to our B-17 fully staffed w Player toons a "Death Star".
We had the flight deck pilot managing the flight platform to the Target Area assisted by the Co-pilot and over-seen by the Navigator watching the compass map a Bombardier a bomb sight.. double tasking w a weapons station.. a dedicated Radio operator for filtering info intel updates and co-ordinating orders- between flight platforms text and VOX [voip] pairing in Bombers by flight section mutually supporting gun arcs and massed fire quite an item.

Basic Strike Aircraft or Fighter Bombers.. Pilot w unguided munitions Guns and rocket ..advanced to Weapons system officer as emergency pilot and co-pilot on long legs of missions. and in older planes as tail gunner. Then radar weapons systems guidance came on scene and an Amazing weapons platform like the F-14 Tomcat came w a radar weapons system capable of tracking and enguageong 16 distinct targets with guided munitions .. The Aviator.. 3km sweet spot for GUNS or Cannon combo and beyond that depending on combat load short medium and long range Air to Air missiles.

Being in a Shuttle with most of your Skills from a major warships tray alone basically even when you have a multi crew position Shuttles not so proud moment for Starfleet. Swarms of over sped aggressors few of your powers and weak on average 360 weapons.. in a numbers game add in the real wearships mixed to fighters w full weapons and shields and the timer ..its a drain on fun.. obeseks a warship not firring one round were defending puzzle solving task dividing.. Then you are hit again with the Box drop spam..
the mission leader reads the text and the loot drop click fest harms continuity on this with a timmer or pop ups .

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