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# 1 Ship interiors.
04-22-2012, 11:03 AM
I'm fine with most of the interior setup except for Engineering deck. Why is the Turbolift clear on opposite side of the deck from the Engine Room? Why is the Warpcore canted in a funny angle in relation to the deck or ship? Can you at least make Engineering look like something from the shows, or from the movie. Th plasma coduits were supossed to be angled toward the warp engines and the warpcore front should face the door.

Will we ever be able to add consoles or take away to make our bridges look more unique to othe player's? It would make more sinceto have your department heads such as the Chief Engineer to be a contact in the Engine Room for duty officer assignments and have your Ops head on the Bridge. Even though you saw them on the bridge then went to sickbay, you should be talking to your Medical head instead of a random no-name doctor.

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