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Don't know if you like the soundtrack to ST-First Contact, I know there's alot of trek fans that do, and they listen to these tracks when playing STO.

GNP Crescendo records is currently shipping a limited edition soundtrack for ST-First Contact, only 10,000 copies were created, and are still taking orders on their website. Just Google GNP-Crescendo

I got my cd in the mail today, it's really great. The ITunes version of this soundtrack is very incomplete, there are alot of tracks missing from that. All those missing parts from the movie, they're all on this cd.

The total running time of the cd is 79 minutes 13 seconds, and total amount of tracks is 29.

There are 3 tracks that have never been available any where and unreleased. They're ON this cd!

The Phoenix (alternate version)
Borg Montage (alternate version)
Main Title (alternate version)

The cost of the cd is $19.98, but well worth it.

I doubt very seriously that this version will ever be on ITunes, which is why I ordered the cd, I wanted it in my hands, to play and put on my IPhone. That's done, now on to enjoying the great music that Jerry Goldsmith created for what I think is the best ST movie ever made.


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