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Today, 08:45 AM

Hey folks.

If anyone is interested, I just recently published a new foundry mission.

It is called NWS 101 by pigeonslayer and can be found under the "review content" tab.

Essentially, it is a No Win Scenario simulation that will allow a player to test their build(s) on a single wave - specifically tailored to reflect some of the more difficult enemy mobs one would encounter - during a No Win Scenario STF.

Created primarily to be informative & challenging for novice players. More seasoned commanders can always choose to try it on Advanced or Elite skill level, as I did during the testing phase, where I averaged about 225K EC in recovered loot.

It was designed for SOLO play (teams may experience a train wreck), is somewhat whimsical in nature, easily repeatable & doesn't take too long (you don't have to read all the dialogue everytime)
And if you are not entirely familiar with the NWS STF you may actually learn something useful.

Or at the very least, you'd be helping ME

So anyway, thanks ahead of time.

NWS 101

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05-05-2014, 02:22 PM

What's the minimum level required for this mission?



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