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# 1 New Event for Calender for PvP
04-23-2012, 04:29 AM
Pretty much its something you can find most any mmorpg out there except in sto there is not one as of yet. Pretty much with a que type system as it is they should make a map of something say that utilizes the stf gear and is an update for pvp.

Idea or suggestion is say since we have seen a borgified scimitar before possibly having it where you can do either space or ground for the first half of the mission and then the other for the 2nd half and you have pve objectives but you can also do pvp to increase the score. So you would have a fed team and kdf team and then you would have sections of like borg, borg mini bosses, and then a borg boss. Plus it would be cool to what the inside of a borgified scimiatar looks like after killing donatras so many times .

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