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I am 'old' captain, that isnt very used to changes since back in the past... so starting with basics.

I wiish to build a Intrepid Retrofit around theme of full beam boat. That's how my ship been rolling since ages and i know folks prefer the launchers and whatnot, but bear with the idea.

I know what consoles to use, what beam weapons to fit. I usually have six beam arrays and all that, use borg set and variable other variations, but the theme of the ship is pretty clear.

Dilemmas start with things like:

What kind of duty officers got fair synergy with a beamboat kitting?

How has the beam tactical abiltiies been changed in season five, like is beam overload still kinda rubbish? How about the beta attack pattern is it still only vialbe tactical ability to get?

My current captain runs a pure support ship and his skills reflect that science doffs got:
Polarized hull 1
Science team 1, Hazard emitters 2, Transfer shield power 3, (No skills to use ANY fourth tier abilities)
Hazard emitters 1, Science team 2, Transfer shield power 3

I know im kitted too heavily on healing and repair, but as skilling my captain as science my problem been that allmost all fourth tier abilities are franky, bad. Plus they require you taking 2-3 additionak captain skills to even get to work and even then they aint nothing damagewise to compare vs tacticals or others? Or at least thats how it used to be, so i never spent a friggen skillpoint to boost crap skills to be crap. Its waste of time... I invested heavily on weaponskills and other combat accuracy and similar skills to maximise the actual beam weapon output the ship could deal out.
I have played with idea of gravity well, tykers rift and even repulsor beams for fourth rank science skills. Though, one that possibly been working best for me has been totally silly energy syphon.

Engineering on my ship isnt no rocket scientist, basic emergency power to shields and possibly switch between rank 1-2 and separate engineer team (tho it shares cooldown with science team which is bad) or reverse shield polarity one.

So, thoughts, ideas how to kit it 'proper' and what about the science skill and how heavily disrtribute skills between pure shiep synergy vs getting ridiculously expensive science skills with hardly any benefit?

My captains theme in space and ground been full healer, with ability to use tachyon harmonics. In space the ship been fully kitted on healing shields/hull like as above.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
04-23-2012, 07:26 PM
If you got Sci Team in rotation you don't really need Eng Team 2 as it messes with cooldowns and you have two Haz Emitters. Go RSP or Aux to SIF, Aux to Battery might help give you more offensive power too. And since you have two TSS3 maybe consider EPtW for more fire power. I'm guessing this is a max auxillery build.

Beam FAW is probaly the only power worth having, as Beam Overload is only really good for a DBB which you don't run.

As for DOFFs well hard call since I can't think of any DOFFs off hand that support the abilities you use.

I'm pretty much copying Cygone's intrepid build and it's working really nicely for me. Even after the Nerfs, but I'm at Tier 3 and not even in the Captains Intrepid yet.
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# 3
04-24-2012, 08:36 PM
How the hell did you get a Polish captain? Will wonders never cease...
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# 4
04-24-2012, 09:20 PM
Originally Posted by landshark666
How the hell did you get a Polish captain? Will wonders never cease...
Polish, not Polish. :p

Since your ship is a science ship, you might consider Energy Weapons Officers,who will actually be able to do something due to your integral Target Subsystems abilities.
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# 5
04-25-2012, 03:29 AM
I just started running a variant of Cygone's build but I swapped one torpedo for a dual beam to take advantage of the subsystem targeting. And I'm trying a variety of energy types to see what works best. Right now I'm running all antiprotons with tractor beams and gravity wells. I'm literally shredding Negh Vars in one pass which is nice for a sci captain.

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