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I'm not a veteran. I'm just playing for 123 days. But I remind that when I started playing STF there was an option to call reinforcement when a bad player left the STF and getting a new one.
Now this option is missing. When we play STF. If a bad player left we have little chance someone join the PUG. If another left. There is not anychance two people join the PUG. I think is really bad. If someone left the STF it's not the team's fault. So then why they should fail because a of rubbish player. Cryptic should give a chance to the team to finnish the STF. Especially when 2 peoples left. It's really frustrating to give up because there's no hope to end up because not enough dps due not enough player.

Sorry for my poor english :p I'm from Cardassia.
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04-24-2012, 10:39 PM
As I understand it, if someone is in queue for the particular mission, and someone bails, that player will be added...

At least I have been sent into a "optional failed so I am a looser and leave" suffering instance PLENTY of times.
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04-25-2012, 07:16 PM
iv been q'd in stf and few time ended up in one that been start or half done anyways and some time the optis failed but i stay and help finsh it anyways so the people that got left still got something even if it just crap save the ban time for leaving it

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