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04-27-2012, 02:06 PM
There's a story?

I just thought it was a bunch of hastily thrown together combat scenarios that have no effect on anything at all except to lvl your char.

I mean, no matter how many times you defeat the 'Borg Queen'... she's never really defeated. She's always there waiting to be killed again.

In fact, would it really matter if you didn't kill her? Is she really causing that much trouble in the one instance she occupies? She seems pretty content to stay there behind her shield, why not just let her stay there? I mean, once you help the crew at the beginning, you could basically just transport out and say 'Mission Accomplished' as far as the 'story' goes, right?

Think about it... how many borg has your captain killed? Millions? Billions, maybe? Now think about how many captains there are and multiply that... Then add 18% for the KDF captains. Yet we are still 'losing the war' against the Borg according to the new lolFE... even tho we are all immortal, for all intents and purposes.

No matter how many times you help the Defari... they're still on the verge of extinction at all times. No matter how many times you uncover the Undine spy in the KDF ranks... they always have ONE more spy, at least. No matter how many times you kill the Romulans for researching Borg tech into their systems (in your ship that's totally decked out in Borg gear, btw) they're always still about to get some Borg tech when the instance resets.

I'm just saying... the 'story' in this game is inconsequential and meaningless... and completely optional when it comes down to it. As far as I'm concerned... the plot of this game is 'Press F to continue'. Just saying.

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