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I've dabbled a bit with the built-in voice recognition of Windows 7 and created a little voice control program with an editor. It includes a base profile for STO and I've tested it myself in-game (and almost exploded because I forgot what to say to get my hull healed :p).

The program is called "CaptainSays" and is available here and on Bitbucket.

You'll need to install the .Net framework 4.0 and the Windows 7 SDK. You may also need to setup the built-in Windows 7 speech recognition software.

CaptainSays only runs on Windows 7.

I'd appreciate if some people would go through the installation hassle and let me know if it works on other computers and not just on the 2 PCs in this household. ^^

I've included a profile for STO with default commands for "full impulse", "fire all phasers", etc. - and also two categories called "Space Abilities" and "Ground Abilities" with some lame placeholder phrases. Feel free to change the profile to match your current set of abilities. In fact, I'd encourage it. Yelling "fire at will" is much more awesome than saying "alt one"... or at least it's less lame....

The Windows 7 voice recognition can be a bit unreliable but unfortunately I can't do anything about it. You may need to adapt some phrases to the way you speak (make it so -> maekitso).

WARNING: DO NOT put valuable consumable items into your shortcut bar as they may be used accidentally.

"Pressing" the Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys via CaptainSays equals "pressing" 8, 2, 4, 6 for STO.

Therefore, if you want to use the default STO profile please remap

Reroute Shields Forward -> SHIFT + 8
Reroute Shields Right -> SHIFT + 6
Reroute Shields Left -> SHIFT + 4
Reroute Shields Rear -> SHIFT + 5

within Star Trek Online. Otherwise, saying "reroute shields forward" would trigger your 8th ability/item.

More info can be found in the README. You should at least give it a look.

Hope you'll have some fun with it.
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04-27-2012, 05:42 AM
Sounds fun. I did the same in Silent Hunter, and shouting 'periscope depth' and 'silent running' gave the captain feeling. And it was terribly ineffective. It might give some more immersion for FE leveling, but I imagine in PvP you are dead before you can say 'raise auxiliary power' 'transfer shield strength' and 'emergency power to shields'. It's even slower than pointing with a mouse.

I'd try it for the fun of it, but I tend to not use a Windows that didn't go trough 5 years of bugfixing, so I'm sticking with XP.
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04-27-2012, 08:40 AM
Captain: "Evasive manuvers!!!"
Conn: "..."
Captain: "I said, Evasive manuvers, you dipstick!"
[Auto-Destruct Sequence Activated]

Y'know what I'd REALLY like to see?

Voice-to-text-chat. That would be incredibly useful in team-play, even if it got the words wrong occasionally.

Sure, voice-to-audio-chat ala Teamspeak is more useful, but it can ruin immersion when that Orion female says something in a scratchy bass profundo. Also, you can't effectively censor audio for the profusely profane.
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08-02-2012, 02:55 AM
Its just very funny. Any possibility to add support for other languages to better recognition?

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