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Hello, and welcome.

This is an attempt to write a guide to the Vault shuttle event. I have little experience with writting guides, but I hope this goes well enough. I'm a shuttle enthusiast, and own all of the small craft federation side excepting the Delta Flyer, TOS shuttle, and the Captains Yacht. I'm overjoyed with this new event, and hope to see more like it in the future.

There appears to be much trepidation about this event, but let me assure you there is nothing to it. It can be failed, but it isn't hard to succeed. If you get at least 2 people that have won the event before your odds are high for success. The others can hover around Obisek and keep the heat off of him for most of the match. Hopefully after reading this you only need to hope for one or two veterans for an easy victory in your PuGs.

I'm not going to lie, C-Store items help, and I will refrence them. That said, you don't need a single one to be a benefit to your team. A level head and knowledge will be enough to win the day. You don't even need exotic gear. One of the beautiful things about this event is the low barrier for entry. Even if you are a beginner to space combat you can participate and excel. The limited options available to small craft lower the learning curve significantly, as you have far fewer abilites to manage.

Conversely, the limited slots for abilites also provide an oportunity to learn cooldown management, because fireing off a long cooldown and wasting it is more painful, as you have less to back yourself up with later when you might have needed it. Endgame it can get easy to be a little sloppy and fire things off recklessly, as if something is on cooldown you can likely just hit something else. Small craft combat forces one to choose wisely what skills to bring, and when to use them.

So, instead of going on endlessly about my love for the event, lets attempt to start some discusion on tactics.

- The event itself

Upon entering the vault, Obisek will great you and give you a quick rundown of the situation. His instructions are somewhat less then explicit, but you have this guide, so don't worry about it too much. There is a period of time where you cannot take actions. Take this time to assertain your groups makeup. Say hello, call out your preferred role, crack a joke. Whatever it takes to relax and get ready. When the timer is up, the event starts.

- Round One, Fight!

The room will fill with Scorpion fighters and turrets. Obisek will fly to the oposite side of the room and begin to unlock the door. If his ships takes too much damage, he will cloak and repair until is hull is full again. This adds considerably to the time it takes to complete the segment. As such, it is important to keep the heat off of him, and to keep him healed. You will notice you have a button on your screen that allows you to heal Obisek. You can only use it once per match, so use it wisely. Standard ship heals also work, and are a huge asset in this event.

He will need some additional assistance to complete his objective. He will need us to reroute 2 power junctions. The first one spawns on the right side (if you are facing back at the enterance from where Obisek is) A player must go and interact with the junction before Obisek can continue his task. If the player is hit while interacting, he is knocked out of his channeling and is forced to start over. It is recomended that 2 players attend to this, quickly taking ot the surrounding turrets and fighters. This is also important because you cannot succeed this room until everything is destroyed, includeing the turrets.

Shortly after the first power junction is rerouted, a second one will spawn on the other side of the room. Nothing new here, complete the task as quickly as possible. Obisek will then continue unlocking the door, and then take off. Fighters stop spawning, and you need to clear them all out as quickly as possible. All enemies must be defeated, and red alert must be cleared, before the timer runs out. If not, better luck next time. Get back in the queue fast and give it another go.

Assuming success, the door will open. You get a bit of a breather now, no timer here. Proceed down the hall and take out the turrets. Nothing eventful here.

- Once more, with feeling!

Room 2 is what separates the land lubbers from the fighter aces. If you can complete this room the rest is smooth sailing. Rules are the same, enemies and objectives are a bit tougher.

This room has Birds of Prey along with the Scorpions. Quite the treat. Also this time when Obisek needs help, 2 objective points will spawn at once. The first time they will spawn at the "sides" and the second time they will spawn at the "front" and "back". You can either take them out one at a time, or try to get them at the same time. Be careful tho, as leaving only one person to guard Obisek can be quite risky. I recomend the "away team" simply get one then the other. On the second spawn, the away team should get the one near the entrance of the room, and the defenders should fly down and get the one near Obisek. It really is the same room as before but with the power turned up.

Assuming success, the door will open and a swarm of scorpion fighers will fly out. If you've made it this far they will make you giggle as you send them all to their fiery doom.

- That's a big ship!

This room is easier then the last, but you have to be on your toes. The romulans have taken control of the thaleron device, and it can really clear the room out fast. It is important that most of the team stays on the side oposite of Obisek. He will not move out of its way, and if it decides to fire at somebody on his side, look forward to some time waiting for him to repair.

Upon entering the room, there will be 3 Birds of Prey. Killing them will cause a Romulan Warbird to spawn (The spelling of Derdrix eludes me at the moment). I recomend doing this right away, and getting it over with quickly. I've been in groups where they have tried to hold off, and it really cuts things close. Pop those BoPs and take out the Warbird.

The Thaleron device is going to target somebody eventually. Big green lasers will annouce the cone of death that is about to unleash. There is no guessing what to do here, get out of the cone or die. You have 2 options. One is to fly thru it to the far side. That is what is easiest to do most of the time. Pop Evasive Manuvers and GTFO. The second is to get on the far side of the pillar. The green lasers shine thru, but if you are sheilded buy the pillar you will not be hit by the blast. This is of course a situational defense. It is often easier to just fly thru quickly before the shot goes off.

This time Obisek will require 3 assist, but fortuneately they happen right next to him each time. One person should be over near Obisek during this phase. Yes, they might inadvertantly cause the Thaleron burst to hit Obisek, but somebody needs to be taking care of the fighters and helping him out.

This room can go very quickly. You don't need to worry about a constant swarm of BoPs and the objectives aren't guarded so you don't need to clear turrets to complete them. In fact, the objectives in this last room do not have a visible spawn associated with them. You just fly near Obisek and click the button (Or hit F, if your hip to that)

Mop up the fighters, and call it a day. Don't forget to pick up your reward! I've done that twice now, and it doesn't feel good.
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<RESERVED> Ships and Equipment

<Not complete, don't judge me!>


Accuracy modifiers are king. They are strong in normal play, but in small craft play they are godly. You'll notice most of your shots miss, because enemy fighters are so fast and maneuverable. Actually scoring hits will be much more damage then a little extra damage spread across many more misses.

Use a Hargh'Peng torpedo! Just do it! Tell everybody to do it! And here is why!

The radiation these torpedoes apply to the target is a joy in the vault. After it counts down, it explodes in an AoE burst. The beauty of it is, if a target that has the radiation is hit with a second Hargh'Peng, the radiation debuff explodes and a new one is applied. Long story short, if many members on your team are tossing those torpedoes around, the AoE explosions wreak havok with enemy fighters. The explosions also help a ton when taking out the double turrets that guard objectives.

Unless... you have a Bio-Nueral Warhead! That little gem really comes into its own here in the Vault. It comes with it's own point defense, and hits with a strong AoE blast. Not quite as synergistic as the Hargh'Peng, but plenty effective. Something the KDF can bring to the table, considering their small craft selection leaves much to be desired.

It has been recommended to use the Breen Cluster torpedo. That sounds like a good stragegy, and will be trying that at my next opportunity.

Drop the '-S' junk. The torpedoes are just sad. The -S beams have the minor convieniece of having 360 degree fire, but are markedly inferior in output. Shuttle combat is so fast that the time anybody spends in your deadzone in minimal. Don't even get me started on the -S plasma turret. Get a good beam of your preferred type.

On type - A federation shuttle that has tac consoles may well want to go phasers if they have the joy that is a Point Defense Turret. Elsewise, pick your poison. I like Anti-Proton. I'm not sure the other types will provide as much benefit, but really, so long as your matching energy weapons with consoles your doing it right. No tac consoles? Pick a color, any color. This isn't hardcore PvP or ESTF, energy procs will not make or break you here.

I tried DHC on my fighter, and it was a nightmare. It doesn't feel good. Even when you finally get the aiming down, the rate of fire makes it painful. It's not pew-pew, its pew.... pew.... Out of firing arc. no fun. Use a single cannon for sure tho, don't go beam. Fighters get Cannon Rapid Fire built in, don't let it go to waste. It might be useful to swap in heaver cannons for the warbird fight in the end, but you would be stuck with it for taking out the BoP's and fighters in the room as well... seems like a lot of hassle when just sticking with the single cannon is enough firepower to get it done, and is more effective on the smaller targets as well.
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<RESERVED> Rewards and Datalogs
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<RESERVED> Last one, just in case

Edit: Thank you for your patience. I didn't want to post until I had it finished, but I thought getting the basic strategy up would be helpful for people new to the event. This became a much bigger undertaking then I originally had in mind.

The current stall is trying to figure out how I am going to do the ship section. Many of the ships are very similar so doing a write up for each seems less then optimal. I assume I will try to handle them in groups (type-X, runabouts, fighters, specials)
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A few things I would like to add.
Weapons with Accuracy, USE THEM. Those fast annoying little fighters drop fast if you actually hit them.

Special Weapons considerations:
Breen Cluster Torpedo; Does wonders against the Scorpion Fighters, and the Transphasic mines it deploys track the cloaked fighters.

Bioneural Warhead; If you have access to it, use it. The Warhead can take out several fighters itself, and it's hard Kinetic hit is very good against the BoP and D'diradex.
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Excellent considerations, thank you. I took some time out to run the shuttle event again, so writing stopped temporarily =P More to come soon.
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First off, so glad you took the time to make this and hope people read it. Having to explain everything in each mission gets tiresome.
I have a few notes, if I may:
It's probably worth mentioning to your readers that everything in the event apart from the birds in the final room and the turrets throughout will respawn until Obisek is done doing whatever he's doing. This would make the turrets a higher priority target than the vessels (especially the ones that are in range of the Rerik), but of course you still shouldn't leave Obisek to the mercy of the fighters.
This also opens the way for a strategy idea I've been toying with for the second room... In theory, if the birds of prey aren't destroyed, but kept on low health, then when the door is opened they can all be finished off quickly and a lot of time will be saved (compared to possibly having to destroy four fresh birds)
Also worth noting is that the power junctions in the first room can be activated from the other side of the pillars, providing the player with cover from the turrets and any fighters that were too slow to follow. I've also noticed that in the second room some of the cores can be activated from behind those green tubes, again providing cover from the turrets. This doesn't seem to work every time, however. It's possible the distances between them are slightly different for each core.

As for loadouts, I personally find Beam Overload as your one boff ability works wonders, sometimes destroying a fighter in one blast. And if you prefer using dual beams, double the joy.
It's interesting to note that the Devidian phase shifting device can be used on a shuttle, as can deployable turret platforms.
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You should add part on how to actually join the mission. It took me like 20 min to find a queue that would start. I got all kinds or strange errors about passwords and such.

I used my Captains yacht with a Beam array and turret. Beam Overload seemed to work great for me.

A sheild battery & red mat capacitor kept me alive the whole mission and I used the borg set because the tractor beam was cool to have. And finally I used a Theta Radiation vents console.

The last d'deridex doesn't seem to move alot so I just sat on him and dumped the radiation and I think that really hurt him.

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