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# 1 First time build Help Please
05-12-2012, 12:32 AM
Ok so I am a level 26 ENG driving around in a heavy cruiser atm doing only PVE. I will hit level 30 this weekend and at the rate I am grinding 40 will be hitting me before I know it. I have been reading the fourms and have a PVE build that I enjoy alot. I managed to get top slot in my first and only attempt at a fleet battle at star base 24. So here is what I have and what I want to do when I hit my 40s.

Eng Captain

Lt. Com EPtS I and II

En. EPtW 1

LT. HazEM I and HazEM II

Lt. TT I and TT II

The ship is using all rare dilthium gear because I built it before I figured out how to use the exhange properly. When I hit 30 I will be doing ultra rare gear from the exhange to set myself up.

6x Phaser Arrays

Phaser Damage Boosting Consol

Convraint Max Cap Shields

Combat Engines

(cant remember the other gear and I am at work atm so I cant look it up)

I tend to play solo alot so I havent figured out how the healing thing works. Basicly in PVE I have been keeping myself very healthy using my inate captain space skills and the various debuff removals tas i wade into stuff and just smash away with my broad side until it blows up.

At 30 I am looking to grab the venture class just because it looks sweet.
At 40 I will go Assault cruiser because I prefer the concept of a tradtional battleship with both protection and firepower in equal measure. At 50 I am torn between an oddessy Tact and a Dreadnaought.

I have also been looking to buy ulrare rare Boffs around 30 so I can get the level 3 skills in tac and science I cant self train.

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