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hey guys! please fix this d'kora swarm missile bug!
EACH time a torpedo launches from the d'kora...
(which sure is meant to be a torpedo boat with the
additional +30 torpedo dmg) the swarm missiles hot-
key goes into a global cooldown of like 2 sec's, making
it VERY hard to find the right moment to shoot the
missiles!! even worse with 3x projectile doff that red-
uces the torpedo recharge time.

and EVEN worse if u have the ferengi set console
fast missile launcher set to auto fire, which fires a
rocket every 2 seconds....(and i guess this fast missile
launcher is meant to be on auto fire with only 2 seconds
recharge time) so basicly the console shoots a rocket
every 2 seconds, forcing the swarm missiles into a
2 seconds cooldown!!

its making it impossible to shoot the swarm missiles!
the only way to use the missiles is, to STOP my attack,
shoot the missiles and re-attack again. and the DPS
i loose in the time i stop my attack, to use the rockets
is just way higher than what u get out of the swarm missiles

starting to miss my guramba....

please ppls, fix it

thank you!
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
04-30-2012, 05:41 PM
+1, same problem with my d'kora.
fix the swarm missiles global cd

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