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I have 4 charcters 3 Fed 1 Klingon

primary FED Game crashed while transfering to Hromi Cluster - re-launched game and scaned files - tried again - Game Crashed again.

Restarted the game and check all other 3 char - no problems with them I could log is just fine - until

I took the Klingon char into Hromi Cluster - now game crashes for that character

I have 2 FED characters left who I am not going to take into the Cluster until this is resolved

Is Anyone else having this issue???

Currently I have deleted the game - cleared cashe - cleared the registry - running a defrag now - then I will shut down - reboot computer - reload the game

While I do I was hoping to see if anyone can help - or know anything.


update :RESOLVED - looks like it was a bad file in my computer that the loader scan could not find - remember that if anyone else keeps crashing you might have to remove game and re-install - and don't forget to REEDIT - your register to remove files hiding in there.

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