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# 1 new error message?
04-30-2012, 01:42 PM
so last night 4-29-2012 i tried to log on to STO after being off for over 12 hours. when i tried to log on i got a message saying "Too many attempt, please try again later."

Now when i first saw this i closed client rebooted my comp and recovered my password (3 different times). nothing worked. this is when i started to worry that i mihgt have been hacked. but yet the only emails i was getting was from reseting my pass. eventually i submitted a ticket with PWE. today (4-30-2012) at aorund 12 noon i was able to log on with my reset password.

Ticket: Login Issue #120429-000804

My question is now why was i seeing as i never have before or see any Dev responses to someone posting about it on the forums before?

*UPDATE* it seems that at random times i can log on w/o problem other times i reicieve the error message.

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