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05-02-2012, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by Badname834854
Do you lose a little forward DPS? But if played to, it can be quite effective.
I use 2 beam array and I do not care about the little dps I lose... I gain energy power when firing with the fore weapons (3x8= 24... not so little).
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05-02-2012, 12:32 PM
Originally Posted by cptjhunter
Do 2 same type armor consoles stack? I read here a few months back they didnt.I used one armor, and I shield enhancer .I used Ablative. My defiant isnt squishy either.Good loadout , close to mine.
Yes. There is diminishing returns but they do stack. You can check for yourself. Go to any non-combat instanced (outside ESD, etc.) and look at the character sheet for your ship. As you change loadouts the stats will change.
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05-08-2012, 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by Eurialo
.... so, as fore weapons use 3x dual heavy cannon and one dual beam bank. The dual beam bank will help you to fire enemies with cannons, but it is also useful to use beam overload and deal a great damage to an enemy with no shields.

As after weapons use turrets... you can also use torpedo and/or beam array. In my escort I use 2 beam array an one torpedo, so when I face the enemy I use cannon rapid fire (or cannon scatter volley) to deal a great damage, and when the enemy is not in the front of my ship I use beam overload... so I can still deal a great damage even if I can't fire with cannons.
Aside from what's in green, you have the exact same layout and piloting style that I do. Maybe we'll run into each other.

To the OP, it all depends on the style you pilot your ship when it comes to your loadout. E.G. Are you Strafing? / Hit & Run? / Pylon? / Kamikaze? / Sit still and attempt to tank? (almost Kamikaze in most situations in an Escort).
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05-09-2012, 03:25 AM
Originally Posted by Darka1912009 View Post
I thought I try out the Tactical Escort Refit but its very poor in attacking, unless I haven't got it setup correctly. Im more use to using science ships rather than escorts but fancyed flying around with a cloak for a change.

I contained to do my episode with my new Tactical Escort Refit but I can't even blow up one Romual mogia ship but with my other class ship I could take a beating. I have practical setup the refit with the same weapons as my Odyssey class ship but the weapons on the refit don't seem to do allot of damage.

What am I doing wrong?

My Character is a Star Fleet Engineer

Current Fore Weapon
Antiproton Beam Array MK XI

Second Weapon
Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XI

Third Weapon
Plasma Torpedo Launcher Mk XI

Fourth Weapon
Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XI

After Weapon 1
Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher Mk XI

After Weapon 2
Antiproton Beam Arry Mk Xi
================================================== =============

Thats the current list of my weapons the rest of the stuff I have fitted is the Aegis set.

Thanks for the help if anwsered.

Admiral Darka.

================================================== =============
Cannons + turrrets + 1 torp is the way to go to get the most dps out of a escort.
Use rapit fire and/or scatter volly
Use 2 tac team 1 ( or higher if possible ) for keeping the shield up that are being hit.
Beams not for a escort ment.
But people have difrent toughts about it all depending if you do hit and runs i stay and fight sneaking up on the rear and staying there in general game play. ( not stf sits there and keeps hitting stuff close ad the 10k marker just incase i need to run. )

You proberbly use a sci char i asume and not a tac guy.
If your not a tac guy yes then beams are better you got no skills to increase your wapon power unless your char is skillt in extra wapon power. but the tac team part stays the same.

Tac team then shield skill then second tac team second shield skill. then start over or run if needed.
Don't use sci or eng team it will reset tac team. use for hull repear the sci hull repear that also takes of any plasma burn for x number of second. ( depending on 1 or 2 how long you are inmune for plasma burn ).
Also the higher the tac team the longer it works.
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05-09-2012, 03:51 AM
Originally Posted by LordCorrino
Here's my set-up. Fairly standard.

Weapons: 3 DHC, 1 Quantum fore, 3 turret aft. No rainbow. Choose one energy weapon type.
Full MACO set.
Eng Console: Cloak, 2 Neutroniums (universal resists)
Sci Console: 2 Field Generators (extra shield HP)
Tac Console: 4 relays for whatever energy type you use.

Tac Comm: TT1, CRF1, APO 1, CRF 3
Tac Lt. Comm: TT1, THY 2, APB 1
Tac Ens: THY 1
Eng. Lt: EPS 1, EPS 2
Sci Lt: PH 1, HE 2
pretty much this should help

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