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05-04-2012, 04:03 AM
Did some testing in Borg events last night and I was able to solo a tac cube which I've never been able to do in my VA Bellerophon. I'm going to play with the fighter combos and see how it does.

One thing I did notice is my hull is getting torn to pieces much more easily than my previous ship. Probably because I'm so much slower the enemy is able to concentrate fire on me much more easily. I'll keep testing and update as I go.
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05-04-2012, 04:12 AM
I had the same problem with my carrier yesterday. It seems, that you still need to have it on full throttle. Power setting 25 in engines + skills yield about 51 power in engines in my case, which will result in about 48% defense.
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05-04-2012, 06:17 AM
Hi guys

Ok spent some time in the Atrox and omg omg omg

Yea it's slow and cumbersome but it does suit my play style.

Ok pets I usuall runwith is one wing of Delta shuttles and one wing of Danube shuttles - they appear to compliment each other - delta with tach beam and danube with tractor beam.

I am a science officer and have set up the boat in the following manner and please remember it still need a lot of tweaking

6 mk Xi phasers borg
borg deflector
maco mk xi shield and engines

sub space field modulator
deutronium surplus
scorpion fighters (usually forget about these)

neutronium alloy mk xi
tetraburnium mx xi
borg console

field generators mk xi x2
shield emitter amp mx xi


phaser relay mk xi x2


Tac Officer
beam array fire at will
beam overload 2

Eng Officer
Emerg pwr to aux 1
Emerg pwer to shields 2
Reverse shield polarity 2

Sci Off 1

Science team 1
Transfer shield strength 2
Hazard Emitters 3
Grav Well 3

Sci Off 2
Tractor beam 1
Tractor beam repulsors 1
Tachyon Beam 3

I usually go for the danube and delta shuttles as stated earlier a little bit more cc and shield stripping.
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05-04-2012, 06:36 AM
I myself am working out my build. Still a work in progress but..

Fore: Dual Tetryon Beam Bank X1 Tetryon Beam Array X2
Aft: Tetryon Beam Array X2, Transphasic Cluster Torp.

Deflector: Borg Deflector (I might change this to something that boosts SIF or Deflector based powers)
Engine: Prototype Gravitc (Sharien's Sword Reward..+12 Flight Turn)
Shields: Reman Covarient (Might change to Maco..haven't decided.)

Hangers: Stalker Fighters and Delta Flyer.


Tac: Beam Overload 1, Tac Team 2 (Might put in Beam Target Shields 2 though)
Sci (Ltc), Science Team 1. Hazard 2, Tacyhon Beam 3
Sci Cmder: Tractor Beam 1, Sci team 2 (never hurts to have a backup), Charged Particle Burst 2, Grav Well 3
Eng LTC: Emergency Power to aux 1, Emergency Powers to Shields 2, Eng Team 3

Again, this is a quick throw together. I'll prolly have it changed a hour after this is posted, I dunno.

Still, I love a challenge.
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05-04-2012, 06:38 AM
There are other ways of keeping an attacker on target other than trying to run around him.

A big heavy ship like the Atrox or the Oddy can keep a nimble escort in line of sight more of the time by reducing speed to around 25% and turning, you will lose defence bonus but if you keep the sub nuc on, shield targeting, Siphon 1 and 2, viral matirx 3, you can get some good hits in with a HY torp. If he is right behind you, lol, big mistake, hit reverse and evasive plus warp plasma, in a couple of seconds you'll be behind him and you can hit him with all your sci powers and a nice torp, or if he's behind you and shields are down slow down so he catches right up and hit a HY Ticobalt from the rear plus warp plasma. Took out a heavy Bop yesterday twice with these methods whilst not dropping to less than 70%. Oh and all the time your fighters are pummelling away lol, love it!
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05-08-2012, 01:22 PM
I've tweeked my initial build a bit. Here's what I ended up with on the CV build after 40 STF runs of testing various gear and layouts. The right fighter combination and the carrier can do just about anything (DPS, tank, crowd control). My primary role is blockade, but she can tank like there is no tomorrow. She can tear at gates while stopping incoming probes and tanking spheres all at the same time.

Weapons Layout --

Fore: Antiproton Beam x2, Harg'peng Torpedo Launcher x1
Aft: Antiproton Beam array x3
*If I'm running blockade, I'll usually mount a tractor mine launcher aft but have to be exactly in the direct path

Bridge Officers --

Tac(Lt): Beam Fire at Will 1, Beam Overload 2
Eng(LtC):Emergency Power to Shields 1, Engineering Team 2, Eject Warp Plasma 1
Sci(LtC):Science Team 1, Hazzard Emitters 2, Tractor Beam Repulsors 2
Sci(Cmd):Tractor Beam 1, Tachyon Beam 2, Gravity Well 1, Tykens Rift 3

Duty Officers --

Torpedo, Gravity Well, Tractor Beam, Evasive, Battery Buffs (still no flight deck officer for Feds)

Consoles --

Tac(2):Antiproton Mag Regulator, Borg Assimilated Module
Eng(3): Emergency Force Fields, SIF Generator, Electroceramic Hull Plate
Sci(4): Graviton Generator, Flow Capacitor, Particle Generator, Biofunction Monitor
*crew loss is a huge issue and while the above helps, something feels broken

Engines --

Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines

Deflector --

Assimilated Deflector Array

Shield --


Fighter sortie--

Advanced Stalkers, Advanced Peregrine Fighters, Advanced Danube Runabout

I have all the avanced (blue) hangars now, but only use the three above in STFs. I almost always mix one Peregrine hangar with one situational hangar in each different STF encounters (for blockade, it's typically the Danubes for the tractors pluse the Peregrines). On the Danatra's ship in Khitomere, I put up Stalkers for the Anti-Proton Sweep to keep her from cloaking (combine with tractors and gravity well, I can lock her down for a good deal of the battle).

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05-09-2012, 12:07 PM
This is how I've been running. It's still a work in progress.

6xPolaron Beam Array

Jem'Hadar Deflector
Jem'Hadar Engine
MACO Shield --- Edit: I just now got the Reman Purple XII shield! After skills/consoles/etc its giving me 13,858 shields (Raw stats reading as 9,395, 10% bleedthru, and 164 regen)... Testing remains to be done to see if it's extra raw stats can make up for the plasma and energy resists, and the ship power buff. Still, its an amazingly buff shield.

Enginering Consoles: Theta Radiation Vent, Nuetronium Hull Plate, Borg Console
Science Consoles: 1 Field Generator, 3x Flow Capacitor
Tac Consoles: 2x Polaron Phase Modulator

tac: Tac Team 1, Attack Pattern Delta 1
Eng: Emergency Power to Shields 1 + 2, Auxiliary to SIF 3
Sci LtCom: Sci Team 1, Transfer Shield Stregnth 2, Hazard Emitters 3
Sci Com: Polarize Hull 1, Tractor Beam 2, Energy Siphon 2 + 3

Advanced Danubes
Advanced Perigrines

Power set to roughly 75 weapons, 25 shields, 25 enginges, 75 aux. Energy Siphon keeps you pretty well topped off.

Does good damage, is plenty tanky, and really does a number on those tac cubes. The power drain lets you essentially shut down whatever you are looking at. I wish I had better quality Deflector Doffs, I'd like to see if I could lose an Energy Siphon for something else.
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05-13-2012, 07:30 PM
I'd stand by this build to be a good DPS and tank build:

6 beam arrays (your flavor)

Borg deflector
Borg engines
MACO shields

(Eng) 1 netroium alloy, x2 EPS
(Sci) borg console, theta vent, point defense console, anti-matter spread
(Tac) x2 + dmg energy type (depending on your flavor of beams)

Tac Lt.: tac team 1, tac team 2
Engineer Lt. Commander : EPt Aux 1, RSP 1, aux to SIF 2
Commander: jam sensors 1, transfer shields 2, hazards 3, grav well 3.
Sci Lt. Commander:
(PVE) tractor beam 1, transfer shields 2, tractor repulsors 2.
(PVP) sci team 1, transfer shields 2, scramble sensors 2.

Energy: all power to weapons and leftover into aux. use EMt Aux for aux powers. I have key binds + eps to quickly swap full power to aux.

Hanger: adv peregrines + hanger of adv danubes

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