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# 1 Branching missions
05-01-2012, 05:59 PM
How do you create branching mission? Right now i have a mission idea for a mission where you can make a decision between a tactical, science, and engineering options to complete this leg of the mission, each one takes you to a different map and a different objective. (scan this, shoot that, open this, ect.)

I have seen it in other UGC missions where you have to choice between doing a fetch quest with less mobs, or simple taking on more mobs... How do you make the missions branch like that?
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# 2
05-01-2012, 07:35 PM
Not yet possible. Whatever missions you've played are tricking you into thinking you have a choice, but you really don't.
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# 3
05-02-2012, 12:26 AM
Thru triggers you can have true branching. It is pretty hard but possible. Play Hijacked or my other missions for proof.
Going to alternate maps is only possible through social zones. Or very well planned map design. Practically the same map would hold 3 design layouts which you can spawn up by a trigger right after map load. I made an example mission that let you go to different decks in any order.

However it does not worth the efort. Most players here will not understand it because it goes against every other missions inthis game. At the end they will just rate you down.
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# 4
05-02-2012, 02:49 AM
My idea was that there is a mysterious situation going on during a formal first contact meeting, and your boffs offer you three solutions. The Tactical option would be to sneak into the planet's leaders office and hack his computer. The science option would be to do a detailed scan from orbit while fending off fighters that spawn on you. and the Engineering option would be to go into the cities power system and follow the power relay stations to the power source.

You do NOT have top be that class to do it, but i thought it would be a fun way to sleuth on your own terms. and either way, it will lead you back into the main mission and the final boss.

Can you send me a PM with how to do the multiple triggers like this? Even if i can't make it AS elaborate as I want, i can adapted what i have to my needs.
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# 5
05-02-2012, 08:11 AM
To do that you'd have to have two different branch points.

The first one is in space where you decide to use either the tactical/engineering option, or the science one. You'd have either a reach marker objective or interact objective that triggers a map dialogue that allows you to make your selection of approach. Different things would be spawned using Dialogue Prompt Reached, depending on what selection is made.

The science option one would spawn a nav beacon at some location and the mission directions would tell you to go there. Once you complete that section, you'd then be given another nav beacon that leads to a reach marker where you complete the map and beam down (the actual obective-- make sure to set the waypoint for that objective to hidden!).

The engineering/tactical ones would spawn a different waypoint which leads directly to a the reach marker that completes that map.

In fact, you can always go straight to reach marker and end the mission, but the player would not know that.

The second branching point occurs on the planet. Here you need to have some sort of code entered to indicate the choice then player made on the previous map. That's the only way to carry data over. If you want an example of this you can play my mission: Atlas Affair, Part 1 and Part 2. Depending on the choices you make in the mission different things will spawn on the final map.

If you can change the science objective to also be on the planet you can save yourself a little trouble because you don't need to carry data over between maps.

Anyway, you'd do the same thing here. The science option now would have you go straight to the part where you've figured out the mystery and want to continue the mission. The engineering option and tactical options would spawn different things with a nav beacon marking them (be sure to put the nav beacon at a high negative Y value so that you can't hear the ping noise, you'll still see the waypoint circle on the map).

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