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D.R.A.C.O Corps and it's fleet is looking for starship captains for experimental Borg technology implementation.

*NOTE* This is a fleet for everything: PvP,PvE,Hardcore,Casual,Elite. We have a website and Teamspeak 3 server.

Send a sub-space message or hail to Bastet@Jake_DarkWolf for more information or to be assimilated, Perfection is inevitable...

Our project is a new endeavor that combines Federation and Borg technology. For a long time every race and faction in the galaxy feared the Borg with their ruthlessness of assimilating populations of entire planets and their technology to enforce their terror and dominance over all the quadrants. The loss of life has been so great no numbers can count the death, destruction and worst of all assimilation done to races and people in the galaxy. no matter how hard we tried the Borg keep coming back like scourge. To this we have created D.R.A.C.O Corps which has taken over fifty yeas to create the task force and fleet. With a Borg Cube that we acquired with the help of the Enterprise-D some odd years ago we have had major breakthroughs and research that we now implement with our fight against the Borg and everyday conflicts and issues in the United Federation of Planets. D.R.A.C.O answers to Starfleet Intelligence and direct orders of the president. our insignia is a silver sun showing a new technological dawn coming with a silver version of the Borg insignia a our technology is Borg in origin.

The fleet is open to everyone of kinds. hardcore, relaxed, role-playing, tribble breeding, PvE, PvP and people playing on any kind of difficulty level. this fleet is part of a multi-gaming empire called D.R.A.C.O respects and takes care of it's members. Everyone's ideas are heard out and taken into consideration.

For more information and our clan goals you may visit our website at

"Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack...*

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