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# 1 KA ground camera bug
05-03-2012, 07:24 AM
Howdy...sorry this is a 'double post' and i posted the 'fix' into the PVE section as well...

Basically when beaming in/out of the shield room in KA ground...your character goes into a crazy tailspin with the camera rotating madly around with no end in sight. You can't move or anything.

I've encountered a camera bug 3-4 times yesterday when doing the KA ground elite marathon...and have heard from others that have had the same thing. To my knowledge, this only happens if you are in 'RPG' mode

Simple fix though atm - hit the 'b' key (or whatever is your keybind) to enter shooter mode then hit it again to get back out...and the camera stops freaking out.

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