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When I play PvP, Klingon shot my dreadnought too much easily. It's like duck hunting I would like to be a duck with a bulletproof vest.:p
So how to improve and increase my shield?
I tried Console - Science - Field Generator. To be honest I didn't feel anything better.
Also I tried Console - Science - Shield Emitter Amplifier. I felt I waste dilithium.
I 'm trying Console - Engineering - Field Emitter. It seems it's little bit better.
Oh... I forgot to say. I'm poor player. I just have MACO set mk XI. And... I can put only one console for my shield... Not enough place
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05-03-2012, 07:44 AM
capacity wont do you any good if you do not have much shield resistance over your shields.

- Emergency power to shields should always be up.
- Highest possible Shield power level, will increase both regen and shield resistance
- And there we go again, stack more shield resist :p Teammates can use Extend shields, you can use Transfer shield strength yourself which will also regenerate your shields a bit :p
- Use MACO MK XI/XII which gives 5% absorption and additional 10% shield resistance to all incoming damage.
- Use 3 Exocomps, spec into shield batteries (+20 seconds) and you basically have a Science Fleet up with 30% Shield resistance for 20 seconds.


I also use only 1 Field generator on my jemmy but its the most worthwhile console you can use in that SCI slot imo for an escort. Gives a bit more buffer against other escorts pounding on your shieldfacing(s) and it also makes abilities like RSP or Brace for impact (with BFI Doffs) more worthwhile.

Regen+Regen consoles in this game, in PVP is hardly worth it. Your shields are gone before you will ever notice that few % regeneration increase. Focus your regeneration more with external abilities.
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05-04-2012, 02:56 AM
Now, on my Dreadnought.


1 Console - Engineering - Field Emitter
1 Console - Engineering - Tetraburnium Hull Armor
1 Console - Engineering - Neutronium Alloy
1 Console - Engineering - RCS Accelerator

1 Console - Universal - Assimilated Module
1 Console - Science - Shield Emitter Amplifier Mk XI rare

1 Console - Tactical - Prefire Chamber MkXII rare
2 x Console - Tactical - Antiproton Mag Regulator Mk XII rare

Do you think I would have some chance not to be killed as a duck?
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05-04-2012, 04:18 AM
May I ask, why do you use a RCS console in a Dreadnought? Aren't you using your broadside as the main armament? If so, then maybe you should consider dropping the RCS and put the Bord console in its place, so that you could use an additional shield console in the science slot.

But as Darkfader already said, it also depends on the Boff skills that you use. Emergency Power to Shield should be on all the time, so use two of them to cycle one after the other and use them to keep your shield energy and shield resistance up.
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05-04-2012, 05:26 AM
What are your Bridge Officer Abilities/Skills?

What Shield Heals are you using? Do you have at least 1 copy of Tactical Team?

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