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05-08-2012, 12:55 PM
Originally Posted by bringram View Post
The problem- if you can call it that- is that Cryptic is making money the same way an ant eats an elephant's ***. It's frustrating for some people. But, Cryptic probably makes more money on keys than they would have if they had just sold the ship on the C-store for $20.00USD. For every person that gripes about lock boxes, on the forums, there are probably 100 people that will impulsively spring for a key or two. Multiply that by every box that drops and you've got real money.
^^^This about a billion times. Yeah, most of us hate these stupid boxed but there are a LOT of people who will spend hundreds of dollars on those dumb keys EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a new lock box. Even those who failed to get what they wanted last time will do it again. It is called Gambling Addiction and it is a very real and very prevalent problem because Human Psychology lends itself to it. Look up the research of Skinner and you will see what I mean.
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05-08-2012, 04:17 PM
What about instead of a permanent master key, one that has say ten or twenty charges?
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05-09-2012, 04:07 AM
For the developers....

The GOLD MASTER KEY (with 25 charges)

The one suggestion I have heard that I do like is putting all the consolation prize rewards from Lock Boxes in the Lobi Store and having the lock boxes just give a reasonable return of Lobi crystals along with your shot at the ship so people can buy what they want from the store instead of being given joke prizes that make them feel cheated. And yes many of the prizes are jokes and insulting to players who pay good money.

Coupled with that allow people to purchase a special $25 package of Keys for 2000 CP that you have to buy all at once as a single item. A GOLD KEY with 25 charges usable to get a C-Store ship if you don't get the Lock Box Ship which is what the vast majority of people are opening the boxes for anyway. Make these C Store ships usable for just one Charactor slot rather than an account wide unlock. If you decomission them, or reroll your charactor you lose them forever just like any other lock box ships. In effect you would be buying a C Store ship for a tad more than the current going rate minus the account wide Legacy Unlock that gives you 25 chances to get the lock box ship instead.

My suggestion would leave the revenue stream intact and very likely might actually increase the revenue stream, but most importantly noone who spent $25 a pop could possibly feel like they got jipped.

People will still be able to buy single keys and/or ten packs and do things just the way they are with no change whatsoever, but players willing to spend $25 a pop for a gold key with 25 charges get a guaranteed premium C store ship if they miss all twenty five chances to get the special ship they are after.

My idea would allow for actually reducing the odds to get the ship without very much complaint. You could get away with making it 1 in 500 instead of 1 in 250 without the degree of complaining and disatisfaction we have now.

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