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# 1 PC Froze
05-03-2012, 04:09 PM
Sorry about the long read.

My computer froze up completely playing STO earlier today. I was just sitting in sector space looking at the calendar.
I have not logged into STO for about 3 weeks or so. But I have been playing Guild Wars regularly and I played the crap out of Guild Wars 2 last weekend and have not had any problems. Now a little more detail:

I played Guild Wars 1 for about 4 hours last night, no problems.

Started up STO today and let it update then zoned into Sirius Sector and started checking out the calendar. Computer froze, I couldn’t even alt, Ctrl, Delete I had to shut down with the power button. When I powered up the fans would run but nothing was on the screen so I shut it off, unplugged it plugged it back in and still nothing.

First thought was my video card so I swapped it out for a different one, still nothing.
Then I tried a different monitor, still nothing.
Put the video card in a different slot, still nothing.
I wasn’t getting any error beeps from the motherboard but I decided to check my ram, pulled out 1 stick and powered up, still nothing.

Then I thought I’d see if I could boot from the windows cd before I tested the rest of the ram. Put in the cd, powered up and the stupid thing booted into windows just like there was no problem at all (I probably have booting from cd turned off in the bios anyhow).

Took out the windows cd, rebooted again no problem. Its up and running right now with all the ram back in it.

Did Something overheat? Checked all the fans, they are all running and pretty much dust free including the power supply, video card and cpu. Nothing felt overly hot when I first opened the case.

I then discovered the system clock was off when I tried to go to facebook and got a security warning in firefox. The clock was an hour slow, the date was 1/1/2002 but the time zone was correct.

I know a bad cmos battery on the motherboard can cause the clock to be off in windows like that, but can that battery cause the computer to freeze if it is bad?

Does anybody here have any Ideas what my problem is? Or what part I should be keeping an eye on to fail soon?

Nothing is overclocked
Windows Vista 64 bit (hey, it was free lol)
AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ 3GHz
8 GB of Gskill ram
Evga GTX 560 Ti 1 GB of memory
Asus M4N98TD EVO motherboard
Western Digital 10,000 rpm 150 GB Hard Drive
Western Digital 7200 rpm 650 GB Hard Drive
Lite-On dvd burner
Lite-on dvd drive
650 watt Corsair power supply
5 - 120mm case fans

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