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Jem'Hadar Hull color/Nacelle color not consistent with series

Hull color (parts which can be colored in the shipyard) are light purple-ish while in the series the jem hadar attack ship is pretty much gray'ish. (Really purple/pink disgusting look imo)

Nacelle color (and bloom) on this ship are purple while in the series they are somewhat more blue-ish rather then bright pink/purple.

I've seen the jem hadar NPC's having no hull color at all, just 100% grey or it was my imagination? Dont think so.
I'd like to see corrections on this for us players as well, thanks.

(For all ships that forcibly have a color applied even though you do not apply any paintjob/color would be most appreciated if this would be fixed. like the dark material 4 which adds some ugly black colors to the hull whereas it didnt before season 4. After that you guys changed something so that paintjobs apply differently to the hull)

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