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# 1 Two issues wrt team instancing
08-08-2012, 04:50 AM
  1. After leaving a PvE queue-team mission, my previously formed team does not get automatically re-formed. Even if I start a private match with my team mates, I always have to re-establish the group after the mission. ANNOYING!
  2. After finishing any PvE queue mission, I always respawn in sector space NEXT to the Fleet Starbase System, even if I've left off from the base interior or from within the system. Now, I know this is due to the game automatically closing those instances for me in order to save server resources, BUT it causes the fleet bases to be pretty much empty all the time, despite being in a rather large fleet. Please, Cryptic, try to find a workaround! What good is the most beautiful social zone if it's empty all the time?!?!?!

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