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I have read the thread for the B'rel torpedo ship and find it interesting but I really would like a mix of cannons and torpedoes to exact some revenge of those nasty smelling Federation Targs in Kerrat!!

If anyone can give this Tac officer some tips, it would be greatly appreciated!!

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05-04-2012, 09:01 AM
The thing is that cannons & Enhanced Battle Cloak don't necessarily mix. Mines/Torpedos/sucky Sci abilities are usually the thing for the 100% cloaked B'rel. If you're set on using cannon strafing runs, then the Hegh'ta is probably the better BoP.

You could try to strip shields somehow with cannons, and then theoretically go 100% cloak, and then go Torpedos/Mines for EBC... which sounds like a lot of work for blowing things up in 1 or 2 passes.

Or, use the Torpedos to set up the cannon attack run? Aft/aft torpedo something, maybe even a HY Tricobalt, then leading the charge with APO/cannons (decloaked, of coursE)... but I could do that in a Hegh'ta.
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05-04-2012, 09:41 AM
Agreed. For what you want to do, I would use a Hegh磘a. But if you're able to make it work, post the build!
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05-04-2012, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by Kolbrand
Agreed. For what you want to do, I would use a Hegh磘a. But if you're able to make it work, post the build!
Kolbrand, your the master at this...can you recommend me a build to start out with on my B'rel? I think I will use the torpedo approach. Thanks!
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05-04-2012, 10:49 AM
I want to whip those Feds into a frenzy while I quote Shakesphere to them like General Chang did!!
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05-04-2012, 08:16 PM
Basically, you need to get the shields down, and then have enough torps left over to pop the hull. Since torpedos of the same type share cooldowns, you want to use as many different types as possible so you only have to deal with the 1 second global cooldown.

You need to get the shields down.

That bore repeating. Too many people try transphasics, and I doubt they manage to pop anything.

I use THY3 with quantum torpedos to down the shields. Fully buffed, these plus a Harg'peng will get them down plenty. After that, It磗 getting the damage to the hull that's hard. Since you are using multiple torp types, you want all kinetic consoles. Before I had the Bio-Neural warhead, I was using tricobalt plus the breen cluster torpedo to chew up the hull. If you can get it, go with the Bio-Neural plus cluster, as it helps keep the shields down, and packs a bigger punch.

A big challenge is keeping them still so that the torps hit the weak facing. I've lost many kills because I couldn't stop their movement. Sometimes it comes with choosing the right targets. Someone already engaged will be more on top of their Boff powers and be paying more attention to their shields and hull than someone who think's they are in the clear.

In the rears, I use the cloaking tractor mines to slow pursuers if I get uncloaked.

I use 1 Tac, 1 Sci, and 2 Eng for bridge officers. Others go with different layouts, so go with what works for you. My layout does the following for me:

Torpedo High Yield 3 (Essential for the quantums), and Attack Pattern Omega 3 (Much needed damage boost)

Jam Targeting Sensors 2 (Escaping), Viral Matrix 1 (Enemy Debuff)

The rest are pretty much your standard tanking powers. Focus more on tanking hull, but shield buffs have their place too.

Good luck! Get their shields down.


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05-04-2012, 08:31 PM
Sometime, back in the past, farther back than yesterday but oh not so far as two years ago, it was fairly easy to use dual heavy cannons and torpedoes to destroy enemy ships with an attack from out of cloak. It isn't so easy anymore. Oh you can still get great success against the unprepared, the mostly dead anyway, or the odd rodent that happened to walk across the keyboard whilst junior was off making a sandwich. The difficulty is in the timing.

Lets dispense with all the targets we mentioned. You can kill those with any build. So if your desire is to aim low and hit your target square, read no further. You are set and good to go. Otherwise take a peek further.

The timing with cannons and torpedoes is a bit difficult. It of course depends on range to target, and the rate of closure between your ship and the target. But at its simplest, you need some time to fire your cannons and when they are done firing the shields need to be down and your torpedoes need to be landing at that moment. Meaning more precisely that they need to be passing the space where the shield used to be. Besides this being difficult on a target that does nothing to prevent you from doing so there is the bit about most players wanting this to not happen. The cannon fire gives warning. The further away you are, the more warning it gives. Even from point blank, there will be ample warning for your target to react and defend if they are able. No way around it.

So. Heat of battle, lots of ships flying around, pick a weak target? Good stuff. Go pick yourself out 3 DHC's and matching turrets for the aft positions. Grab one quantum torpedo. 2 energy type tac consoles and 1 quantum chamber. 2 piece KHG. This gives you the effective Tac console boost of an escort and you will only be short one turret. CRF 3, THY3, and APO 1 and you're good to go. It works and it kills ships, it just won't ever allow you to instant pop an otherwise good player that left a gap in his defenses.

Cheers and happy flying!

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