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# 1 Gated Events...
05-04-2012, 04:26 PM
So I wanted to post my idea here as well, as there was way to much ranting going on in "Ask Cryptic" thread, and I recieved not 1 iota of feedback on this. So here copied/pasted from there, I'd like to see if anyone else thinks this could be at least a stepping stone in the right direction.....

Maybe I'm crazy, but what if the whole "event" thing that PWE insists on Cryptic using for all the new contents offered you some sort of choice? Like say...:

3 hour window starts at 9am-12pm:
You may choose to do Defera Invasion, Crafting, or Tour the Universe
3 hour window continues 12pm-3pm:
You may choose to do Multiphasic, Mirror Event, or Crystalline Entity
etc. etc.

Just a thought from a pleased, yet sometimes slightly concerned Federation Citizen.

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