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So I did the Romulan FE on my main. I got the Accolade and the Reman BoFF, then I went to do it on an alt. It seems I can do every mission except "Cutting the Cord". All options are grey'd out. So I loaded up another alt and looked. That one has "Cutting the Cord" grey'd out also. Hmm, ok I loaded up my KDF alt. That one can replay it.

Am I supposed to only be able to complete the FE on one character per faction? I didn't see that written anywhere in the Dev Blog or on the forum. If it is there and I missed it please point it out to me so I know where to look next time.

This makes it impossible to complete the accolade or obtain the Reman BoFF on more than one character per faction. If this is a bug please fix this before the FE is over.

UPDATE: After 3 game restarts, some choice words for the Internet dieties and an in-game bug report I can now replay this mission on at least one alt (haven't looked at the rest). So if a GM or Dev fixed this thank you. If not, and anyone else is having this same problem, try completely exiting and restarting the game a few times.

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