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# 1 A new idea for the Galaxy R
05-06-2012, 12:45 AM
with the recent introduction of the atrox and fighter for feds i was looking at them and noticed not only did it say carrier but also flight deck cruiser. I have been seeing all of these posts of how since the galx is getting an upgrade that the gal r shoud as well. i am slightly inclined to agree. the gal r's special power is considerably sub-par when compared to the other retrofits. i was thinking that because of the size of the gal r that it could very easily become a flight deck cruisers for fed. this is only an idea so please dont troll this page i just want a civilized conversation about what could be done to help get the gal r up to par. i think that the solution is making it the flight deck cruisers for fed. The bays the galaxy has is more than capable of holding any of the shuttles or fighters. i mean heck its one of the few ships that can actually hold a danube (yes i have looked this up while it cant hold many it can still hold them) so i see no reason why the galaxy cant be the feds flight deck cruiser. i hope im not the only one who feels like this but please keep this thread civilized. thanks
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# 2
05-06-2012, 06:15 PM
The G-R was always a subpar ship, even before the Oddysey. The way I see it, the best option is to let anyone who already has the G-R be able to use the Saucer Separation Console on the G-X when it's implimented and not have to make another purchase on the C-store for it. But this should only apply if you have the G-R, since they're both Galaxy Class ships. If you have the C-store Engineering Oddysey and don't have the G-R, then you would still have to buy the Saucer Separation Console for the updated G-X.
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# 3
05-06-2012, 06:32 PM
Well, as noted, they introduced the Odyssey-Ops with little more than the same Saucer Sep console to its name and still charged top-billing for it, so it's unlikely they will see the cheaper Gal-R as needing anything.

In truth, the Galaxy-R is not a bad ship, it's just overpriced. If they made it a 800-cstore ship, it would probably fit in nicely, giving those without lots of money and a true love of the Galaxy design an option for a T5 ship without having to pay as much as other, more capable units.

If they do make a change, I would hope they would give it a higher shield mod (1.2 would be good). That would keep it in its place and make it unique among cruisers without having to add something that might unbalance it vrs other +1 ships.

My own 2 cents.

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