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# 1 Best defiant layout?
05-06-2012, 02:47 AM
What is your opinion for the best possible Defiant retrofit layout?

- Weapons
- type of Kit, or do you mix it up?
- consoles
- Doff
- Boff abilities

Lt. Commander
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# 2
05-06-2012, 07:18 AM
Fore Weapons:

4 x Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons
3 x ADHC & 1 x Quantum Torpedo Launcher
2 x AHDC, 1 x QTL, 1 Antiproton Beam Array

(Used all 3 of those, on the 3rd atm - not sure which I like best!)

Aft weapons:

2 x ABA. 1 x QTL

Devices: Engine Batteries and Weapon Batteries, normally, or shield batteries when I get them

Engineering: Ablative Hull XI (+26 resistance to Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma & Tetryon); RCS Accelerator (+35% turn rate), Tetraburnium Hull Armour (+26 resistance to Plasma, Tetryon, Polaron, Antiproton)
Science: Emitter Array & Cloak
Tactical: 4 x Antiproton Mag Regulator (+22-24% antiproton damage)

But also thinking of switching the cloak to an engineering slot and putting 2 Stealth module consoles in science to let me get even closer under cloak (currently I can get to about .5km with full power to the cloak)

As far as BoFFs go, everything is primed for an alpha strike: Cannon Rapid Fire 1 & 2; Torpedo Spread 3 (go Jem'Hadar!); Beam Overload 1; Tactical Team 1 and High Yield 2 (usually ready as soon as I've fired my full spread). Plus Fire at Will 1 for mine clearance.

Engineering I take Emergency Power to Shields 1 and Engineering Team 2, and for science Polarize Hull (complete with the Archerism every time it's used) - that's to stop those pesky tractor beams and a Tractor Beam for when I meet a faster ship than mine.

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