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Seriously - this is ANNOYING to say the least, and this is not the first time this issue has been reported.

let me cite an example, just to point out how frustrating this issue can be.

Youre in space, in a sector without a station that has an exchange, you decide for convenience sake, to call the SS Azura, Azura arrives, you do some stuff in the fleet bank, that takes a couple mins, then your own bank, anothe couple mins, then you go to the exchange, which as soon as it opens, closes your inventory/character status windows - annoyance number 1.

You can reopen the inventory, by clicking on a point in space and hitting I - decent enough workaround, no big deal there..

But the trouble is, you just leveled, and you need to upgrade gear on your ship/toon, so you want to open the character status window, to drag/drop things u need into search bar to save on typing and make shopping easier...

Annoyance number 2 now ensues. the second the character status window opens, exchange window closes.

In the short time you had the exchange window open, due to the stupidly small amount of time the Azura hangs around after you call it, and just to thow some extra salt in the wound - The Azura has now warped away.

Now youre on 2hr cooldown, no exchange in sector, and you didnt get to buy a single thing you needed.

Now you're mad because have to decide whether to fly around sector hoping to chance upon an Azura called by someone else, or travel back to another sector with a station that has an exchange. Which defeats the reason you called Azura in the first place - which was so you didnt have to travel away from where you were.

Seriously - this annoying windows closing bug needs fixing, its been reported enough times.

But I dont hold much faith - I've read enough forum posts to realise that this request for a fix will be just one of many to fall upon deaf ears.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
05-07-2012, 05:31 PM
It's a pain aint it? Seems like every window you open, closes the one you had open prior..

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