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The remen set and accompanying doff missions has opened up the possibility of adding in more doff missions to upgrade existent gear. There are all sorts of things I'd love to see upgradable to a more useful level at end game. It would be nice that mission rewards aren't completely useless compared to drops, doffcrafted items, and STF gear.

What I propose:
Weapons upgrades:
Weapon upgrades are EASY in game, as there is a set formula for progressing from blue to purple, and tier to tier. As such, I would love to see a doff mission available only at Utopia Planitia (If it is ever added in permanently) or Memory Alpha for the Fed, or in First city's forge for the Klinks. The missions would essentially be this: Step 1. Upgrade blue mission reward weapon to blue Mk XII. Requires: 5x of its energy type prototype heavy turret plans. 5k Dil. Results in a simple incrementation from blue MK XI to blue MK XII. Also works on unleveled blue mission reward weapons. Make it take 5 doffs, and with a full good set have a 0%% fail chance. A crit on this gives you the plans from the next Step.

Step 2. Negotiate for prototype (energy/torpedo type) weapon plans from a Ferengi on Drozana station. Cost 10k latinum. Single trader or quartermaster doff. With a good 2x crit and trader/quartermaster there should still be a 25% fail chance. These are ferengi we're dealing with, after all. As a perk to D'Kora owners, they can also access this from their Ferengi trader on board their ship. A crit on this gives you 2x plans. A fail results in the ferengi stealing your latinum.

Step 3. Apply prototype modifications. This one requires the MK XII weapon from step 1, and the plans from step 2. Cost 250k EC 1 of each OTHER type of prototype turret (Or stand alone torpedo launcher) and 5x of the same energy type turret. It is available only from the research centers for each faction. Success bumps the weapon up to MK XII purple, adding a random modifier on to the weapon. A crit gives TWO random modifiers, potentially making the weapon one of the best in the game. (For a final cost of 10x prototype turret plans of the same energy type, 1x of every other energy type, 10k GPL, 5k Dil, and a quarter million energy credits.) Naturally the weapons are bind on pickup.

It strikes me that the mechanics of the game essentially force most people to run the Borg engines once they hit l44. This is a bit annoying, as there is a good variety of other late game engines that would be fun to use, if only they were transwarp. (Yes I know you can swap your engines once you get out of Sector. That strikes me as a crude and ugly fix.) So make a DOFF research mission where one can apply the borg transwarp tech to non-borg engines. Make it cost a borg engine+10 edc or so.

Finally the biggie. . .
Give us actual flagships.
With actual Flag bridges.

This one would be a fairly extensive chain, that would have VERY high requirements, and cost a quarter million dilithium ultimately. It would go something like this:
1st mission: Requires tier 4 diplomacy, military, and engineering. "Get permission to build your flagship" Cost 250,000 dil. Like the recruit and renown missions, this one doesn't require a DOFF and can't fail.
2nd mission: Upgrade Ship Engineering Systems. Requirements: 1 of each non-armor engineering console, of any level. Reward: You can progress to the 3rd mission, and a very minor but permanent increase in each of the areas modified by those consoles.
3rd mission: Upgrade bridge to Flag Bridge. Costs and additional 50k dil, and a quarter million EC, but again cannot fail. Reward: +1 console of the captain's type. (Yes, this would allow for 6 consoles on a couple of the bortases and the engiee Odysee)
4th mission: Integrate Admiral's Staff Officer with Flagship crew. If you go back and watch TNG, generally when an admiral was creeping around, they had a staff officer in tow. usually a commander (Such as Commander Shelby.) This gives the player that commander, by adding in a universal commander level BOFF slot. Cost: Lots of alcohol.
5th mission: Reinforce Flagship structure: Requires 10x Jevonite Hardpoints. Result: a tiny bit of resistence added to the hull.

Players are only allowed to have a single flagship. If they choose to dismiss their flagship they can restart the process at phase 1.
This WOULD make a bunch of More Powerful ships floating around, but it would also provide a huge Dil sink, as well as creating an end-game goal. Also this would allow some ships that were poorly designed in the first place (Like, oh, the Federation Dreadnaught) to redress their flaws somewhat.
I don't think any of the bonuses aside from the +1 BOFF slot are particularly overpowered, and the BOFF slot is INTENDED to be overpowered, to show that the ship is not just a ship of the fleet, but the FLAGSHIP of a fleet. Or at least a taskforce. Thoughts? Modifications? War Kittens?
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05-06-2012, 09:28 AM
I oppose and this is why.

What you are asking is 2 things ... Grind and Luck and as it stands the game is slowly turning into a Casino, I refuse to play the Shuttle Event because what I get is in essence a casino chip, I use them to gamble and Lockbox mentality should NOT be the new game mentality, enough IS enough.

Then comes the main issue ... Dilithium.

Dilithium is slowly becoming useless because things are either turned into a Lockbox or turned into DOFF assignment as the Dilithium Store was becoming worthless because there was nothing there anyone wants to use, the Mk XII consoles being granted EXCLUSIVE by DOFF assignments utterly destroyed it because the rare Mk. XI consoles were about the only saving grace, Rare Hangars put usefulness back to the Store but still is not enough.

I would say its time to start adding things to the Dilithium Store because we are at risk on getting in a position were a currency is being made worthless, adding more things to be granted by a random system is going to make a mess of things, it also further divides the players with the ones that Have and the ones that Have Not, we can see that already in PvP with people with buff assignments and Purple DOFFs get a advantage over the rest.
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05-06-2012, 10:44 PM
I like majority of the ideas although with maybe a little tweaking.

For the Weapon Upgrades I would say make a new item which for simplicity sake we'll call "Weapon Upgrade". Only way to get these would be to do a certain mission or something, or even make it a duty officer assignment to obtain. To control the amount of these in circulation can also make it so that this has a pretty decent cooldown. I would take the example of the toy console chain. The repeatable has a 72 hour cooldown from the finish of it's 4 hour assignment. So it takes you just over 3 days before you can take another. Of course in this case maybe longer as well. I'd also slap on a requirement that this be Blue Mk XI weapons only. Then it would require the use of the weapon + item with a 3 day long assignment to get it to a purple Mk XI. Then as with the toy chain, perhaps add in something like the infuse alien tech mission involving rare particles and use 3 "Weapon Upgrades" to turn a Mk XI purple into a Mk XII purple quality.

Onto the engines aspect, I would actually rather enjoy have more engines that could travel faster than warp 10. Having to switch out engines once you get out of sector space means that you're always going to be -1 on inventory space. Not only that but you'll have to constantly keep switching back and forth. I personally love the effect that the omega engine has but it is so slow that I just keep it in my back all the time.

As for the flagship idea I'm not exactly sure on this per say. Best way to implement I'd say would be a completely brand new ship. With the end result being the acquirement of said ship.

As for f2pdrakron's comments. Duty Officer system works on a percentage scale. Most aspects of this game I would say are a "gamble". I would more precisely call it chance however. Especially when it refers to Duty Officers. The lockboxes are definitely a gamble as it's entirely random, you cannot change the outcome of what is inside the box in the slightest. With duty officers that is completely the opposite. Depending on the starting crit/success/fail/disaster and the total doffs needed + the requirements you could easily have a guaranteed success. I frequently send out assignments that have a 0% chance of failing. Plus if you find the dilithium store to be useless, then a decent alternative would be to say.. Include something that is only available on the dilithium store. Make it Bind on Pickup so that people who want to use it are forced to purchase it to do the chain. Those who don't wish to partake in said chain of doff assignments have no need to spend dilithium

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