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05-08-2012, 05:28 AM
I got better results not using any pet commands at all, it happens that they sense enemies all over the map...
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05-08-2012, 06:33 AM
I've noticed AI differences based on maps too.

Such as for STF's.
The AI is decent for infect/cure but not so hot on KA.
For infect and cure the AI pretty much does more or less what you tell it to, afew stray fighters here or there forgiven when they get distracted by pretty colors.
Though for KA, I've had all my squadrons just decide "sup we are going to the OTHER gate and jumping on these probes, these probes we are fighting right now just arn't cool enough for us, later bro!".

The only seeming solution to this outright desertion/mutinous actions, is to simply deploy more fighters and let the olds ones disappear. They will then stick around with me for abit before deciding that other gate and its probes looks better than the side they are currently on.

I've tried going left or right, they will often just decide to go to the other side. Its not as though there is some sort of hidden favoritism where the gate on the left is technically labeled "gate1" and the other "gate2" and the AI does some sort of numeric priority thing.
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05-08-2012, 07:00 AM

Like some of the others here I think the AI of the Hanger Craft gets a bit flustered depending on the map youíre playing in.

I have little to no problems with the VoíQuv, KaríFi or the Atrox running Infected or Cure space missions; however, KA can be a real crapshoot.

Whenever I launch my BOP while in KA space if Iím on the right gate 95% of the time they make a B-Line for the left gate and tell me now to wait up.

Iím constantly having to refresh my BOP just to keep them close to me and on top of that they wonít attack my selected target unless I attack it first but again this only seems to be happening on KA space.

Iíve also noticed that the recall command seems to do nothing on KA space, my BOP start attacking the Nanite Transformers and then Iím stuck dealing with the Cubes they spawn.

The good think about my BOP bringing out the Cubes is that BOP seem to think that it owes them credits because they rip into those things like crazy.

All in all the AI is still very spotty and the Devs were told about these issues over and over again in the KDF shipyards months ago.

At the very least now our Hanger Craft can Attack the larger Gates now.

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