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# 1 Dr. Sibak (clone)
05-08-2012, 01:20 PM
What are the psionic powers available that this would affect, exactly

The only ones I can think of is Lethean's Rapture trait, and maybe even the Ophidian Cane.

And I'm guessing that you can have 3 on active duty if you are able to complete the Friday the 13th special events that come up. That a total of 45sec off a 3min CD for Rapture and Ophidian Cane (if indeed it does affect it at all).

A nice psionic ops themed character :
-Rapture trait (ranged psionic DoT that exploits when target is exposed)
-Telepathic trait (+10 Perception, +1.5% Expose Chance, +1 sec Expose Duration)
-Acute Senses trait (+10 Perception, +10% Exploit Damage)
-Covert trait (+10 Stealth, +10% Exploit Damage)
Phase-Shifted Personal Shield (41% psionic damage reduction)
[Vulcan Lirpa Mk XI [Psi] [Stn]] (melee damage also does psionic damage)
Tactical Kit - Operative Mk X
Ophidian Cane (ranged psionic DoT/Heal)
Triolic Pattern Enhancer (enhances Ophidian Cane)
Shard of Possibilities (looks like you are creating psionically infused duplicates of yourself )
Dr. Sibak (clone) Duty Officer x3 (lessens psionic power(s) CD by 45sec)
Lethean Boffs (more Rapture!)
Tactical Initiative III (Lowers CDs of your or up to 3 allies abilities equates to more Raptures and Ophidian Cane use )

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