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As a fleet leader, I would like to offer some suggestions on the fleet UI window.

1) Under fleet news, It would be nice to be able to display the players full ID (ie including the @handle). Currently, it only provides the character name. Many fleets identify their members by their handles, not by their character names. This is especially true for larger fleets where there are many players with different alts. It's hard to keep track of all the alts. For example, if it says that "Peter has joined the fleet", I cannot tell if it is an actual new player, or an existing player that created an alt which got invited to the fleet.

2) I would also suggest adding a filter for the news. Currently, the news gives updates everytime a player trains a bridge officer or levels up. As a fleet leader, I don't need to know this information. But I DO want to know if someone has left the fleet or joined the fleet. Scrolling through all the BO training info and promotion info makes this difficult to do.

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