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I am currently taking an "Effective Speaking" class at my local university. We currently have an assignment where we will need to present a 15 minute speech about a topic selected for us, backed by different methods of research.

The topic that was selected for me was "Asperger's Syndrome - Some common knowledge & perceptions." One of the methods of gathering research I've chosen is to conduct a short online survey, with questions reflecting on peoples basic knowledge and perception of Asperger's syndrome.

So I would ask that you go to the survey I have setup and answer the questions as best as you can. there are only 13 questions, and the survey will only take a few minutes to do. It would be very helpful and I would appreciate it if you could do this.

Click here to take the survey now
The survey was created with eSurveysPro.com survey software.

Please note I have done what I can to protect your privacy - no information is being collected related to yourself (IP Address, e-mail, etc), nor are any personally identifying questions asked.

Thank you.

PS. Yes, I'm no word-smith when it comes to writing these kind of post's.
PPS. This is the closest forum I found to an "off-topic" type forum. I've played STO since it opened, but not terribly active on these forums. If this post/thread is inappropriate then please delete.
PPPS. I can't believe I misspelled the title! And now I can't fix it.*mutters*
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
05-12-2012, 01:50 PM
I would like to state that I am familiar with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, as my brother has had low-functioning Autism since infancy.

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