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# 1 Integrated Energy Capacitor
01-22-2013, 06:53 PM
For the longest time, I've been looking for a way I could fly a Nova Science Ship without stacking beams (that little ship with 4 beams coming out of it? Too much for me!) and then I thought "Oh, I'll just invent something on the forums and see what fantasies I can come up with.

Integrated Energy Capacitor
Ship Weapon Amplifier
Increases Energy Weapon Damage by 100% (Scales based on number of weapons firing)

Now, this is more like a console passive than an actual weapon, but its equipped in either a Fore or Aft weapon slot. The console is an auto-distributor and amplifier tool that increases the damage of energy weapons. Too avoid being OP, however, the IEC scales based on the number of weapons firing, similar to Weapon power drain:

1 Weapon firing = +100% Damage
2 Weapons firing = +48% Damage (per weapon)
3 Weapons firing = +23.1% Damage (per weapon)
4 Weapons firing = +11.8% Damage (per weapon)
5 Weapons firing = +5.3% Damage (per weapon)

And so on. The formula for calculating is Previous % x 0.48

So yeah. Thoughts?
More anything?
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